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Asian Music in America: A Confluence of Two Worlds
Clinton, NY, April 1999

Asian Music in America: A Confluence of Two Worlds Hamilton College - Clinton, NY April 10-11, 1999 CALL FOR PAPERS, LECTURE/RECITALS, and PERFORMANCE (TAPE) COMPETITION
Guest composers: Toshimitsu Tanaka, Bun-Ching Lam, P.Q. Phan [Web page with further information at:] Theme of the symposium: Music of Asia, from both American and Asian composers and performers, has gradually gained greater attention in the United States, especially during the last 30 years. A number of Asian composers and performers have immigrated to the US, often after studying there. The music of these artists represents a new confluence of multiple cultures - a powerful cross-fertilization of aesthetics and musical characteristics from both East and West. The music is reflective of a variety of aspects of contemporary Asian and American societies, while at the same time deeply rooted in traditional cultures that have evolved over many years. Hamilton College will host a two-day symposium of performances, lecture-recitals, panel discussions, and paper presentations on topics that concern Asian music in America from the widest possible range of disciplines and expertise. Three guest composers of international stature will be present at the symposium - P.Q. Phan (born in Vietnam and living in the US since 1980), Bun-Ching Lam (born in Hong Kong and living in the US since 1976), and Toshimitsu Tanaka (distinguished composer from Japan whose career spans almost 50 years). Performances during the symposium will included a broad range of works for different genres (solo instrument, chamber music, orchestra) by Phan, Lam, and Tanaka, as well as other Asian composers. They will include the premiere of a new work for orchestra by Phan. The performers for these concerts will include members of the Syracuse Society for New Music, and faculty and students of the Hamilton College Department of Music. This symposium is the fourth at Hamilton College since 1992 to address Asian Music. Visit the website of the other three to view programs, abstracts, papers, and lecture transcriptions - ( - "Music of Japan Today: Tradition and Innovation I (1992), II (1994), and III (1997)." Call for papers or lecture/recitals: Papers - abstracts of no more than 300 words on any topic relating to the theme of the symposium. The review committee will take special interest in proposals that address music and ideas of the guest composers (interdisciplinary topics are welcomed) Lecture/Recitals - 30 minutes. cassette tape of performance and short abstract The review committee welcomes a cassette tape submission by solo performers for a performance of a solo work by Phan, Lam, or Tanaka. Winners will receive a $250 honorarium and performance opportunity at the April 11 concert. (for information about availability of scores, please contact E. Michael Richards - Submissions postmarked on or before FEBRUARY 1, 1999 and sent to one of the two Directors: E. Michael Richards Associate Professor of Music Department of Music Hamilton College Clinton, NY 13323 phone = 315-859-4353 email = Kazuko Tanosaki Lecturer in Music 89 Dewey Ave. Fairport, NY 14450 fax = 716-425-8525