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Beyond Art? Digital Culture in the 21st Century
Oxford, April 1999


              Oxford Union, 21 April 1999, 10am-5pm

Are computers ruining or re-inventing the arts? Twelve experts in
literature, art, music, broadcasting, theatre, museums, and contemporary
culture will meet at the Oxford Union on Wednesday 21st April to decide. 

Oxford University's Humanities Computing Unit is organising the fifth in
an annual series of events which have previously debated the place of
computers in teaching, literature, and the library. Taking place in the
world-famous Oxford Debating Chamber, this year's event, "Beyond Art?
Digital Culture in the Twenty-First Century", explores the inseparable
entwining of computers and culture. 

Just how is the popularization and pervasive nature of digital technology
changing the creative process of the artist, the performer, the musician,
and the writer? What has been the effect of technology on the viewer, the
reader, or the critic? And what of those who seek to fund and preserve our
cultural heritage? 

Twelve distinguished speakers will debate and discuss these questions and
give us their predictions for the development of the digital future. 

Two open debates will allow the audience their vote on whether the digital
world offers a better cultural experience than museums, galleries, books,
and theatres. 

For further information telephone 01865 273 221.

                      Provisional timetable

09:00		Registration opens

09:45		Coffee available in the foyer of the Debating Chamber


10:00		Jane Carmichael, Assistant Director, Collections, the
                Imperial War Museum


10:30		Barry Smith, Lecturer in Theatre and founder of the Live
                Art Archive
		Dan Greenstein, Arts and Humanities Data Service

11.00		Ten minute stretch break


11:10		Sean Cubitt, Lecturer in Screen Studies, author of Digital

11:25		Roy Ascott, Director of the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in
                the Interactive Arts, University of Wales, Newport

11:40		Questions and discussion


12:00		Simon Waters, composer and Director of the Electroacoustic
                Music Studios

12:15		Nigel Morgan, Composer and Lecturer in Creative Music

12:30		            OPEN DEBATE 
Motion: 	In the next century digital museums, digital art, digital
                music, and digital theatre will be preferred to the
                physical objects.

13:00		LUNCH (not provided)

14:00		Coffee available in the foyer of the Debating Chamber


14:30		Chris Meade, Director of the Poetry Society

14:45		Peter Howard, Poet and Telecommunications Systems Design

15:00		Questions and discussion

                         STYLE AND DESIGN

15:30		Peter York, Author, Journalist and Broadcaster

15:45		Robin Baker, Director of Ravensbourne College of Design
                and Communication

16:00		          OPEN DEBATE
Motion:         Digital text(ure): all style and no substance.	


16:30		Peter Gibbins, Executive Director of the Digital Virtual
                Centre of Excellence for Digital Broadcasting and
                Multimedia Technology
17:00		CLOSE