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Creativity and Values
Clemson, SC, April 1999

CALL FOR PAPERS, PANELS, PRESENTATIONS The C. Calhoun Lemon Colloquium on Philosophy and Values Presents a Multi-disciplinary Conference on __CREATIVITY and VALUES__ April 8-10, 1999 College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina USA
In addition to papers, panels, and presentations--see below for details regarding submission--there will be keynote talks in each of three areas: architecture, philosophy, and art. __DIANA AGREST__ will be the keynote speaker in architecture and __VIRGINIA HELD__ will be the keynote speaker in philosophy. The name of the person who will be the keynote speaker in art will be announced as soon as confirmation of participation is received. The Call: Papers, panels, and presentations that explore any aspect of the relationship between creativity and values are welcome. There will be two types of conference sessions: symposia and colloquia. Both will be seventy-five minutes in length. The former are intended for papers or presentations of up to forty minutes duration (roughly 7,000 words); the latter are meant to accommodate three twenty minute papers or presentations, or a panel. Symposia submissions should consist of three copies of a 200 word abstract and a draft of the paper/presentation. Colloquia submissions should consist of either three copies of a 200 word abstract and a draft of the paper/presentation (up to twenty minutes in duration, roughly 3,500 words) or a 750 word abstract; for panels, please submit three copies of a statement of the topic, an explanation of its significance, and the names and affiliations of the panelists who have agreed to participate (evidence of a commitment on the part of the panelists should be included). Submissions should not be under consideration for publication or previously published. The conference sponsors will have rights of first refusal with respect to publication. Submission deadline: January 18, 1999. Submission in advance of the deadline is encouraged. Please include your e-mail address and/or telephone number with your submission. Submit materials to: Professor Daniel E. Wueste, Department of Philosophy and Religion, 101 Hardin Hall, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634-1508, USA. For more information: Tel.: +1-864-656-5379, Fax: +1-864-656-2858, e-mail: Daniel E. Wueste Department of Philosophy and Religion 101 Hardin Hall, Clemson University Box 341508 Clemson, SC 29634-1508 USA +1-864-656-5379; Fax: +1-864-656-2858