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Raymond Chandler & American Culture
Pittsburgh, April 1999

Call for Papers
Northeast Modern Language Association
Pittsburgh, PA
April 16-17, 1999

*(Re-)Visions of Chandler* 

Our image of the hardboiled detective owes a radical debt to Raymond
Chandler.  Chandler's signature style--that odd and unpredictable amalgam
of cynicism, lyricism, and streetwise intelligence--has profoundly shaped
our culture in many ways, some immediately recognizable, others more
subtle.  Especially influential has been his Philip Marlowe, the
quintessential American hero: a rugged individualist with a bent for
chivalry, a misanthrope with a conscience.  This panel explores the
impact of Chandler's work not only on our idea of crime fiction but also
on American culture more broadly.  In short, it considers the cultural
production of the Chandleresque.  

Papers may address any way that Chandler's work has been received,
revised, and reproduced in America--in such relevant media as art, music,
advertising, TV, video/board games, and, of course, writing.  Participants
might explore not only how others have revised Chandler, but also
how Chandler himself drew upon and revised the Chandleresque.  Ultimately,
we hope, the panel will help to adumbrate the complex and often vexed
relationship between literature and popular culture--and contribute to a
new, reception-oriented understanding of Chandler's importance as an
American author.  

Organizers: Michael D. Sharp and Miranda B. Hickman (University of

DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 15.  Please send 1-2 pp. abstracts or completed papers
(for 15-20 min. delivery) to 

Michael D. Sharp
NEMLA/Raymond Chandler
Dept. of English Lang. and Lit.
3187 Angell Hall
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1003


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