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On Edge: An Interdisciplinary Conference
Santa Cruz, CA, April/May 1999


The California American Studies Association
Invites you to
Celebrate, Explore, Question, and Interpret


	The 1999 meeting of CASA will be held from April 30-May 2, 1999 at
the University of California, Santa Cruz, which lies on the edge of the
continent and the edge of academic inquiry, an ideal site for an
interdisciplinary conference with edges as its theme. 

	The program committee seeks proposals on American culture, past
and present. We encourage submissions from graduate students, faculty, and
independent scholars. Mullet-media presentations and projects are welcome.
The following list of topics is suggestive but certainly not exclusive: 

On Edge: The edge of the century, the edge of the millennium, the edge of
the Pacific, the edge of chaos, the edge of something new, the "edge"
between the US and Mexico, Internationalism, Globalization, edges,
edginess, border fights and immigration controversies, on the "cutting
edges" of fields, on the problem of civility in a truculent age in which
everyone seems to be "on edge," on the verge... the edge of insanity,
earthqueakes, edgy images in television, film, literature, music, the net
and the web, or other media... 

Moral and Ethical edges: politics of birth and death, edges of life (coma,
abortion), the edge between human and nonhuman, critical legal studies... 

Arts: cutting edge arts, cliffhangers, the Bass player for U2,

Edgy politics: race, ethnicity, genders, sexualities, class issues,
Affirmative Action, prop 209, prop 187, militias, radical right, white
supremacy, hate crimes... 

Environmental edge politics: logging, clean air issues, headwaters forest,
oil spills, ecoterrorism... 

Violent edges: hate crimes, ecoterrorism, gang wars, terrorist attacks on
abortion clinics and doctors... 

Edgy rhetoric: apocalyptic visions, doomsday, apocalypse soon... 

Any sort of "turf" wars (political, cultural, academic, etc.), May Day
labor conflicts, gangs... 

Edge of invisibility: homelessness, gated communities, liminality,

Fuzzy edges: beanie baby riots, Bill and Monica (not!)... 

Historical edges: edges of other centuries, edges of epochs, things that
fall off the earth... 

Edgelessness: when things ran smoothly, things without edges or borders or

Etcetera: other edges, borders, boundaries, unspeakable edges, ends of the

Send a 250-word abstract and a one page vita, including e-mail address (if
possible) by February 1, 1999 to: 

	Renny Christopher, CASA Program Chair
	Phone: +1-(209) 667-3294
	English Department
	e-mail inquiries:
	California State University, Stanislaus
	801 W. Monte Vista
	Turlock, CA, 95382