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Midwest Graduate Music Consortium, Third Annual Meeting
Chicago, April 1999

Midwest Graduate Music Consortium
Third Annual Meeting

April 23-24, 1999

The University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1999

**  1:40- 3:10  Session 1: Revisiting Machaut's Motets

Courtly and Divine Love: Reinterpreting Machaut's Motet 14
Nikkola E. Carmichael (University of Chicago)

Machaut's Motet 5 in Light of New Musical and Literary Evidence
Yossi Maurey (University of Chicago)

Fiery Love, Obedience, and Death: Spiritual Connections between the
   Three Voices of Machaut's Motet 10
Catherine Saucier (University of Chicago)


**  3:30- 5:00  Keynote address

"The Dramaturgy of Excess: Peter Sellars--Mozart/da Ponte--The Marriage
   of Figaro" 
David Levin (Germanic Studies, University of Chicago)


**  9:00- 9:30  Registration

**  9:30-10:30  Session 2: Topics in Popular Music

"We Stand for the Neighborhood": The Critical Reception of Paul Simon's
   The Capeman
Anna Nekola (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Jazzing the Classics: Recomposition as Ambivalence in the Music of Duke
Felicia M. Miyakawa (Indiana University)


** 11:00-12:00  Session 3: Nineteenth-Century Music

Metaphorical Imagery in Schubert's Erstarrung: Text Representation
   Through Motive, Key, and Rhythm
Aron Topielski (University of Chicago)

Hensel's Heroine Hero, Weber, and Why
Roe-Min Kok (Harvard University)


**  2:00- 3:00  Session 4: Reconsidering Rationality and Autonomy

Music and Magic at the Court of Louis XIV: Thoughts toward a New Method
Donald B. Chae (University of Chicago)

Seeing Between the Notes: Messiaen, Myth, and Musical Structure
Scott J. Schouest (University of Wisconsin - Madison)


**  3:30- 4:30  Session 5: New Approaches and Inter-Disciplinary Influences

A Geometric Model for Pitch Relations and an Algorithm for Identifying
   Tonal Centers and Harmonic Progressions
Elaine Chew (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Music and Emotion
Philipp Goedicke (University of Chicago)

**  4:30- 4:45  Closing remarks and acknowledgements


**  8:00-9:30  Concert (Goodspeed Recital Hall)

Shades of Memory
Suzanne Sorkin (University of Chicago)

Sextet for Three Winds and Three Strings
Shersten Johnson (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

The Way Things Work
Michelle McQuade (University of Chicago)


Time and the Bell
Benjamin Sutherland (University of Chicago)

String Quartet
Jason Edward Brown (Ball State University)