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Unnatural Acts 1999
Riverside, CA, April 1999

Announcing Unnatural Acts 1999

Techno-Performatives: Simulations, Appropriations, Identities
April 23-24, 1999
University of California, Riverside
Highlander Hall, Room 200A

Friday, April 23

Welcome by Philip Brett and René T.A. Lysloff.
"Giving the Paper," by Susan Rose.

Session A: Phantastic Simulations
Jason Brown (California Institute of the Arts), slide show lecture on
	conspiracy theories/mythos.
Chris Csikszentmihalyi (UCSD), "Species Substitute."
Jonathan Ritter (UCLA), "S(t)imulating Community: Virtual Drum and Bugle
	Corps and the Hyperreal." 

Sue-Ellen Case (UCD), "Trans Performances: Capital and the Body on the
	Electronic Stage." 

Session B: Disorderly Pleasures
Natalie Bookchin (California Institute for the Arts?), "A BAD (Burn the
	Artworld Down) Presentation." 
Susana Loza (UCB), "Sampling (Hetero)Sexuality: Diva-ness and Discipline
	in Electronic Dance Musics." 
Dwight Frizzell (Wabi Media), "Theater and Electrocuting an Elephant."


Concert (in Watkins 1000)
Plugged-in and Unnatural: Laetitia Sonami in concert.  With special
appearances by dancer/choreographer Susan Rose.  Featuring Sonamis
composition "Why ____ dreams like a Loose Engine (autoportrait)," for
gestural Ladys Glove. 

Saturday, April 24

Session C: Living in Sim
Drew Hemment (Sonic Future).
Fred Maus (U of Virginia), "Net.subjectivity."
Elisabeth Holly Sherrat, "Living on Video."
Timothy Taylor (Columbia University), "Postwar Music and the
	Technoscientific Imaginary." 

Keynote: Tricia Rose (NYU)

Lunch on your own

Session D: Techno-Bodies at Work
Cindy J. Donatelli (U of Manitoba), "Baudrillards Body Politic
	Materializes: The Election of Jesse The Body Ventura." 
Joanna Bouldin (UCI), "Wabbit Twouble: Bugs Bunny, Drag and the
	Gender-Bendable Body." 
Jerry Mosher (UCLA), "Putting Data on a Diet: Compression Technology and
	the Myth of the Weightless Body." 

Keynote: Sandy Stone (UCSC)

Session E: Recombinant Histories/Digital Bodies
Margot Browning (U of Chicago), "Our Bodies, Our Computers: Medium,
	Prosthesis, and Synchrony."
Betsy Gross, "Re(Presenting) and Re(Appropriating) the Postmodern Body
	of Frida Kahlo."
Yara Sellin (UCSC), "DJ Spooky and Riddim Warfare: Investigating

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