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Bet Deborah Conference
Berlin, May 1999

The Bet Deborah group of Berlin is organizing a
"European Conference of Women Rabbis, Cantors, Scholars and
all Spiritually Interested Women and Men"
to be held 13-16 May 1999
27 Iyar -1 Sivan 5759

This conference originated out of a series of private discussions held in
Prague concerning the need for borderless outreach among contempory East
Central European Jewry and the building of positive Jewish identity in the
region.  The concerns of the conference are fundamentally linked with the
special concerns of developing Jewish communities and personal Jewish
identites in East Central Europe.  The planned programs and discussions
are built around themes of egalitarianism in Judaism, and what it means to
be Jewish in Europe today. 

Invited speakers include women Rabbis, Cantors, and Scholars from Zurich,
Utrecht, Vienna, Halle, Moscow, Budapest, Frankfurt, Minsk, Prague, Paris,
California, London, and Oldenburg. 

For more information, please contact:

Elisa Klapheck
c/o Juedische Gemeinde zu Berlin
Fasanenstrasse 79/80
10623 Berlin
tel: +49-30-880 28 260
fax: +49-30-880 28 266

or e-mail: