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Organic Form in 19th-Century Discourse
Cieszyn, May 1999

Call for Papers Organs, Organisms, Organisations: Organic Form in 19th-Century Discourse Cieszyn, Poland 27-28 May 1999
The aim of the conference is to re-think the role and place of the notion of "organicity" in nineteenth-century discourse. The idea of evolution and the shift from the mechanical view of nature and the world to the organic one were also projected upon areas other than natural sciences. The view of organisms as beginning and ceasing to exist in time underwent a qualification in numerous social and political theories as well as in other discursive practices of the epoch. For this reason we expect conference presentations to address the question of organicity in the 19th century from various methodological perspectives and approaches representing possibly widest range of academic disciplines. Please send titles of prospective presentations along with short abstracts (about 200 words) to Professor Tadeusz Sawek, University of Silesia, Bankowa 12, Katowice, Poland (tel./fax: +48 32 2917417) or by e-mail to professor Tadeusz Rachwa ( Deadline for the submission of conference presentations is January 31, 1999. University of Silesia Institute of British and American Culture and Literature 41-205 Sosnowiec, Poland tel./fax: +48 32 2917417