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Renaissance Legacies: Pacific Northwest Renaissance Conference
Saskatoon, May 1999


Renaissance Legacies: Pacific Northwest Renaissance Conference

May 13-15, 1999

University of Saskatchewan,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society and the Humanities Research Unit
at the University of Saskatchewan invite submissions for a conference on
the theme of "Renaissance Legacies." 

We invite contributors to imagine the conference theme broadly. We welcome
papers which explore the specifics of early modern inheritance practices,
literary and artistic representations of inheritance, and of the relations
between individuals, families and land, and questions of cultural and
historical inheritance. What does early modern culture "inherit" from the
past and what is its "legacy" to the modern world?  What are the
ideological implications of terms like "inheritance" and "generation" in
discussions of historical and cultural continuity and change.  The PNRC is
an interdisciplinary conference.  We actively solicit papers from
historians, art historians, music scholars, and scholars of the full range
of early-modern languages and literatures. 

Located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, Saskatoon is a vibrant city
of close to 200,000 people.  The University of Saskatchewan campus
overlooks the steep tree-lined banks of the South Saskatchewan River,
which divides this "city of bridges" in two.  The Saskatoon International
Airport, only ten minutes from the city centre, is served by three major
international airlines with connections to all major Canadian and U.S.

Please submit a one-page abstract of your paper by January 22, 1999, to:

Ron Cooley
Department of English
University of Saskatchewan,
9 Campus Drive,
Saskatoon SK.  S7N 5A5
fax:    +1-(306) 966-5951

Proposals for panels are also welcome and should include, in addition to
the abstracts, a 100-word statement of intent from the organizer, as well
as the addresses and e-mails of all participants. 

Selection notification will be sent by March 1, 1999.