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Interdisciplinary Conference
International Society for the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture
San Sebastian, June 1999

                               ISAMA 99
                First Interdisciplinary Conference of
                    The International Society for
                The Arts, Mathematics and Architecture
                            7-11 June 1999
                         San Sebastian, Spain

                         Conference Directors
Nathaniel Friedman                  Javier Barrallo 
The University at Albany (SUNY)     Universidad del Pais Vasco 
Albany, New York (USA)              San Sebastian, Spain 

                        Conference Secretariat
                          Nathaniel Friedman

Department of Mathematics & Statistics           FAX: + 1 518 442 4731
The University at Albany                       PHONE: + 1 518 442 4621
Albany, NY 12222 USA                   E-MAIL:

                         Conference Web Site


                          Fields of Interest
The main purpose of ISAMA 99 is to bring together persons interested in
relating mathematics with the arts and architecture. This includes
teachers, architects, artists, mathematicians, scientists and engineers.
As in previous conferences, the objective is to share information and
discuss common interests. Hopefully new ideas and partnerships will emerge
which can enrich interdisciplinary education. In particular, we believe it
is important to begin interdisciplinary education at an early age so one
component of ISAMA 99 will be teacher workshops for K-12 in addition to
college level courses. 

ISAMA will focus on the following fields related to mathematics:
Architecture, Computer Design and Fabrication in The Arts and
Architecture, Geometric Art and Origami, Music, Sculpture and
Tessellations and Tilings. These fields include graphics interaction, CAD
systems, algorithms, fractals and graphics within mathematical software
(Maple, Derive, Mathematics, etc.) There will also be associated teacher

                           Call for Papers
Papers are invited on the topics outlined and other topics which fall
within the general scope of the Conference. 

Abstracts should be submitted to the Conference secretariat by December
15, 1998. Abstracts should not be longer than 300 words, contain a list of
keywords, and clearly state the methodology, purpose, results and
conclusion of the final paper. All lectures will be in English.
Participants may wish to give their presentation in the form of slides
and/or video. The final paper should contain explanatory text and a
selection of images. 

Reza Sarhangi, Ph.D.
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Southwestern College                
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