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6th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music
Rio de Janeiro, July 1999

The Symposium

The Brazilian symposia on computer music have consolidated the position of
the country in the field. The 6th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music
will be held in Rio de Janeiro, during the 15th Annual Congress of the
Sociedade Brasileira de Computação (SBC) from 19 to 22 of July. The
symposium is organized by NUCOM, the computer music branch of SBC. 
This is a unique opportunity to visit Rio de Janeiro, one of the most
beautiful cities in the world and a leading Latin American cultural
center. During the symposium there will be concerts, papers and lectures
on topics at the cutting edge of computer music technology. Researchers
and musicians interested in the interplay between computer technology and
music are invited to submit papers and compositions. 
Topics of Interest
This year we are giving special emphasis to "Musical Composition and
Computing Technology". 
The topics include, but are not limited to,
 	* Acoustics, Diffusion, Sonorization
 	* Audio Hardware Design
 	* Audio Signal Processing
 	* Sound Synthesis
 	* Artificial Intelligence
 	* Psychoacoustics and Cognitive Modeling
 	* Computer Aided Music Analysis
 	* Computer Aided Musical Education
 	* Real-time Interactive Systems
 	* Music Data Structures and Representation
 	* Music Notation, Printing and Optical Recognition
 	* Systems and Languages for Composition
 	* Artificial Life and Evolutionary Music Systems
 	* Internet Applications
 	* Multimedia Integration
 	* Computer-Aided Musicology
A selection of papers will be considered for publication in Organised
Sound, Cambridge University Press. 
Program Committee
 	* Gerard Assayag, IRCAM, France
 	* Aluizio Arcela, Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
 	* Peter Beyls, St Lukas Hogeschool Brussels, Belgium
 	* Moisei Boroda, University of Bochum, Germany
 	* Marcio Brandão, University of Edinburgh, UK
 	* Antonio Camurri, University of Genova, Italy
 	* Roger Dannenberg, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
 	* Anastasia Georgaki, Ionian University, Greece
 	* Ross Kirk, University of York, UK
 	* Fabio Kon, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA
 	* Mikhail Malt, IRCAM, France
 	* Jonatas Manzolli, Unicamp, Brazil
 	* Eduardo Miranda (chair), Lamesm UFSM-Brazil & Sony CSL Paris, France
 	* Peter Nelson, University of Edinburgh, UK
 	* Carlos Palombini, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
 	* Geber Ramalho (chair), Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
 	* Francis Rumsey, University of Surrey, England
 	* Xavier Serra, IUA-Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
 	* Petri Toiviainen, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
 	* Gerhard Widmer, University of Vienna, Austria
Music Composition Committee
 	* Rodolfo Caesar (chair), Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 	* Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso, Universidade Fed. do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 	* Francis Dhomont, Université de Montreal, Canada
 	* Silvio Ferraz, Laboratório de Linguagens Sonoras, PUC-SP, Brazil
 	* Thomas Kessler, Musik Akademie, Basel, Switzerland
 	* Denis Smalley, City University, London, UK
 	Pieces for String Orchestra or Jazz Ensemble will also be judged
 	by the following:
 	* Ernani Aguiar, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 	* André Cardoso, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 	* José Arthur Rua, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tutorials and Demonstrations Committee
 	* Robert Willey (chair), Universidade Federal do Pará, Brazil
 	* Didier Guigue, Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil
 	* Rodolfo Coelho da Souza - University of Texas, Austin
 	* Paris Psaros - CREATE - University of California, Santa Barbara
Guidelines for submission
+++ Papers +++
Papers describing on-going or concluded research must be submitted in a
preliminary version containing no more than 8 pages (Times Roman 12, and
1.5 interline space). Portuguese is acceptable for preliminary submissions
but for the final camera-ready papers English is required. 
Authors must state the topics on the cover page (refer to topic list
Please e-mail submissions to Geber Ramalho ( or Eduardo
Miranda ( as MS Word 97, pdf or postscript files.
Alternatively, indicate the URL where your document may be found. 
+++ Tutorial and demonstration proposals +++
Proposals for didactic demonstrations in any area of computer music will
be considered, including demonstrations of commercial products (software
or hardware). 
They will fall under the following categories:
 	* Introductory level intended for students and those outside the
 	  computer music field. Topics can range from popular music tools to
 	  more complex applications (e.g., Orchestral MIDI Sequencing Technique,
 	  Algorithmic Processes in Contemporary Music, etc.);
 	* Advanced applications for more experienced practitioners (e.g.,
 	  Digital Signal Processing in Music Composition).
Tutorials shall take place 19 July, followed by the symposium opening in
the evening. Exhibition of products will continue to 22 July. Proposals
should include a survey of topics and an indication of duration.
Presenters should be prepared to supply most or all of their own
equipment. Online tutorials are welcome, to be accessed by participants
through web browsers during and after the symposium. Online tutorials
should be operative no later than 24 May. 

+++ Compositions +++
The Music Selection Committee invites submissions in the following
 	* Music on Tape (DAT or CD)
 	* Pieces for Instruments and Electronics (Tape and/or Live)
 		- Solo Instrument
 		- String Orchestra (a)
 		- Jazz Ensemble (b)
 	* Algorithmic Instrumental Pieces
 		- Solo Instrument
 		- String Orchestra (a)
 		- Jazz Ensemble (b)
 	(a) String Orchestra: 4 (1st violins); 4 (2nd violins); 3 (violas);
 	    3 (cellos); 2 (double-basses)
 	(b) Jazz Ensemble: 5 saxophones (2.2.1) also doubling flutes;
 	    5 trumpets; 4 trombones (3.1); piano; drums; percussion;
 	    electric guitar; electric bass
Pieces composed within the last five years and no longer than 10 minutes
will be preferred. Candidates may submit up to three works. 
All entries must be accompanied by the attached Entry Form, along with a
short CV and program notes. Music for Tape requires submission of a DAT or
CD recording. Mixed Pieces (solo, string orchestra or jazz ensemble plus
Tape) require submission of the full score, the tape part (DAT or CD) and
a recording of the piece. Pieces for Instruments (solo, string orchestra
or jazz ensemble) and Live Electronics require submission of the full
score, a recording of the piece, and a detailed description of the
equipment employed. Algorithmic Instrumental Pieces require submission of
the score and information concerning the computing technology (i.e.,
analytical discussion plus illustrations of patches, tables, etc.)
Submissions shall be sent at the candidate's own expenses. Under no
circumstances will the symposium's organizing committee be liable to
customs duties or any other cost arising from an application. Entries,
whether select or not, will not be returned. Submissions will be added to
NUCOM's music library, located at LaMuT (Escola de Música da UFRJ).
Candidates are therefore advised not to send originals. 
Please send submissions to:
 	SBCM99 - Music Selection Committee,
 	Rua Marquês de São Vicente 225,
 	Prédio Gênesis - Sala 16 B,
 	Rio de Janeiro - RJ,
 	22453-900 Brazil
The Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music is the joint effort of a number
of individuals and institutions. This year we are glad to announce the
support of: 
 	* Escola de Música da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil),
 	  supplying performers for instrumental pieces;
 	* the Electronic Studios of Musik Akademie - Basel (Switzerland),
     	  providing live electronics support;
 	* ARTE ELETRONICA, in the role of executive producers.
Important dates
 	March 5, 1999  - Deadline for postage of compositions
 	March 19, 1999 - Deadline for postage of papers, tutorial proposals
 			 and demonstrations
 	April 22, 1999 - Notification of acceptance
 	May 24, 1999   - Deadline for final camera-ready papers
For more information, please contact the organizing committee in Rio de
Dr. Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso (symposium chairperson)
Departamento de Composição
Escola de Musica da UFRJ
Rua do Passeio 98
Rio de Janeiro RJ
20021-290 Brasil
tel: + 55 21 2401391 ramal 38