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International Clarinet Association Clarinetfest
Ostend, July 1999

The International Clarinet Association will hold its 1999 ClarinetFest, a symposium and festival devoted to the clarinet, in Ostend, Belgium July 6-11. The festival host is Guido Six. The program for the conference will include a series of scholarly papers and presentations, as well as poster presentations to be displayed. The Association solicits proposals for presentations (such as papers or lecture-recitals) and proposals for poster presentations on any topic related to the clarinet. For the live presentations, the use of live or recorded performance is acceptable; however, presentations whose sole aim is performance are discouraged. Presentations should be designed to be no more than 25 minutes in length. Proposals which are not selected for presentation may be invited for the poster session. Prizes will be offered by the ICA as follows: First place paper, $300 and guaranteed publication in The Clarinet journal (subject to editing); and second place paper, $200. Six copies of an abstract, one page only, describing the content of papers, lecture-recitals or poster presentations must be submitted to Dr. Keith Koons, ICA Research Presentation Committee Chair, Music Department, University of Central Florida, P.O. Box 161354, Orlando, FL 32816-1354. No name or identification of the author should appear on the proposal. The postmark deadline for proposals is January 31, 1999. For more information, write or call Keith Koons at (407) 823-5116 or by electronic mail: Keith Koons, Associate Professor of Music University of Central Florida P.O. Box 161354, Orlando, FL 32816-1354 USA Office +1-(407) 823-5116 Fax +1-(407) 823-3378 International Clarinet Association: Chair, Research Presentation Committee Project Director, Clarinet Anthology