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Feminist Theory & Music 5
London, July 1999

Below is the program of the conference Feminist Theory and Music 5, to
take place in London in July. It is a joint meeting with the International
Alliance for Women in Music, which is handling all practical arrangements.
For more information about the conference, see

Session 1: Historiography
10:30 - 12:30, St. Mark's

        Ruth Heckmann, "The reception of women composers in journals of
music between 1780 and 1830"
        Sue Cole, "A 'fine, manly respect for tradition:' gender and
early music in Nineteenth-century England"
        Bruce Durazzi, "Meter, Analysis and Gender Anxiety: A Closer
Look at the 'Feminine Ending'"
        Tobias Pettersson, "Nationalism and Gender in Music History
Writing: A Case Study"

Session 2: Performing race, gender, sexuality
10:30 - 12:30, Rosary Hall

        Ellie M. Hisama, "From 'Brown Sugar' to 'I am Human':
African-American Women as Subject and Object in Popular Music"
        Michal Rahfaldt, "'Work That Stage!!': Reinventing Musical
Space in Drag Performance"
        Eileen M. Hayes, "Representations of Feminism and Blackness in
Women-identified Music"
        Carmen Mitchell, "Artistic Pretenders and Musical Provocateurs: House
Divas, Gay Men, and Racialized Sexualities in Contemporary Dance Music

Session 3: Instrumental Music and Narrative
2:45 - 4:15, St. Mark's

        Liz Garnett, "Problems in the Gendered Analysis of Instrumental
Music: Drama, Narrativity, Personae"
        Maiko Kabawata, "Rimsky-Korsakov's _Scheherazade_ as Female
        Elizabeth Paley, "On Bodily Music, Disembodied Codas, and
Beethoven's _Egmont_"

Session 4: Education
2:45 - 4:15, Rosary Hall

        Patricia O'Toole, "Threatening Behaviors: Trangressive Acts in
Music Education"
        David Gramit, "The Mother, the Teacher, and the School: A Case
Study in the Social Practice of Music"
        Reinhold Degenhart and William Osborne, "Women Composition
Teachers in Europe"

Thursday, July 8

Session 5: Gender in Opera and Musical Theater
9 - 12, St. Mark's

        Annamaria Cecconi, "The Wicked Leonora: the Strange Case of an
Idol of Pervsersity in Verdian Times"
        Marianne Tettlebaum, "Ladt Macbeth's Tragedy: A Reading of
Verdi's Macbeth"
        Elizabeth Wells, "'A Quiet Russian Family': _Lady Macbeth_ and
Sexual Politics in the Stalinist Era"
        Anne Sivuoja-Gunaratnam, "Kundry as Abject"
        Maree Macmillan, "Opening Pandora's Closet: 'Trappings' of
Sexuality in Berg's Opera _Lulu_"
        Anne Foradori, "Broadway Baby"

Session 6: Issues of Race
9 - 10:30, Rosary Hall

        Sherrie Tucker, "Nobody's Sweethearts: Gender, Race, Jazz, and
the Darlings of Rhythm"
        Catherine Parsons Smith, "Enlightening and Enwhitening the
World: Mary Carr Moore's _Narcissa: Or, The Cost of Empire_"
        Donna Cox, "Eurocentric Hegemony in the College Music
Curriculum: The African American Woman Professor Singing the Blues"

Session 7: Female Spectators
10:30 - 12, Rosary Hall

        Christina Baade, "The Crooning Voice: Aural Desire and
Imaginary Intimacy in _Going Hollywood_"
        Brian Currid, "The 'Singer Film' and Female Spectatorship"
        Samantha Beer, "Shapes in Sound: The Internalization of Tori"

Session 8: Gender, Sexuality, and Performance
4:30 - 6, Rosary Hall

        Martha Mockus, "Respiration: Breathing and Sounding a Lesbian
Musical Valentine"
        Suzanne Cusick, "Music, Subjectivity, and 'the Symbolic Order
of the Mother': Challenges from the Italian Feminist Theory of Diotima"
        Kristin Nordeval, "Improvisational Tactics"

Friday, July 9

Session 9: Voices
9 - 11, St. Mark's

        Patricia Cameron, "Giving Voice to Gender"
        Sonya Lawson, "Female Jazz Singers vs. Female
Instrumentalists: A Comparison of their Reception"
        Hannah Bosma, "Madonna's Voice"
        Julia Byl, "'I Am Becoming My Own Song': Bethany Beardslee's

Session 10: Early Modern Voices
11 - 12, St. Mark's

        Laurie Stras, "Le Nonne della Ninfa: Feminine Voices and Modal
Rhetoric in the Generations before Monteverdi"
        Bonnie Gordon, "Capturing 'angioletta': An Analytic Fantasy of
the Female Voice"

Session 11: Western Institutions
9 - 10, Rosary Hall

        Barbara Underwood, "Plato's Methodology in his Construction of
the Musical Subject"
        June Boyce-Tillman, "In Tune with Heaven or Not? Women's
Authority in the Area of Liturgical Music in Christianity"

Session 12: Theory
10 - 12, Rosary Hall

        Elizabeth Tolbert, "Untying the Music/Language Knot"
        Fred Everett Maus, "Sexual and Musical Categories"
        Pirkko Moisala, "Musical Gender in Performance"
        Martin Scherzinger, "Feminine/Feminist? In Quest of Experiences
with No Names (Yet)"

Session 13: Classical Music Identities
2:45 - 4:15, St. Mark's

        Mary Gebhart, "'I Am Not a Pretty Girl': Evaluating Resistance
Transcripts through the Lives of Nineteenth Century Women Musicians and
        Taru Leppanen, "Women, Media, and the 1995 International Jean
Sibelius Violin Competition"
        Cora Cooper, "The 'Babe-ification' of Women in Classical Music:
Past Barriers and Current Trends"

Session 14: Liszt
2:45 - 4:15, Rosary Hall

        Marischka Olech Hopcroft, "Redefining Neo-Classic Masculinities
from French Art through the 'beau ideal': Liszt's Second Ballade 2 in B 
Minor (1853)."
        Teresa Magdanz, "Declawing the Lion: Gendering Liszt"
        James Deaville, "Writing Liszt: Lina Ramann, Marie Lipsius and
Early Musicology"

Saturday, July 10

Session 15: Composers
9 - 12, St. Mark's

        Margaret Myers, "Alma Schindler's Songs"
        Liane Curtis, "Rebecca Clark and London, 1924-1939"
        Heidi von Gunden, "Vivian Fine - An American Composer Who has
Survived and Thrived"
        Mihaela Stanculescu Vosganian, "The Romanian Women Composers"
        Judith Coe and Susannah Garcia, "Putting out to Sea: The Lieder
of Josephine Lang"
        Suzanne Summerville and Elizabeth R. Austin, "Er, der
herrlichste von allen? An Explanation of the Role of Ingeborg Bachmann's
_Malina_ in Composer Elizabeth R. Austin's New Setting of Adelbert von
Chamisso's _Frauen-Liebe und -Leben_"

Session 16: Ethnomusicology
9 - 11, Rosary Hall

        Mary Natvig, "Women's Gamelan in Bali: Harmless Novelty or
Dawning Empowerment?"
        Rachel Harris, "Three Chinese Shamans and the Revolution"
        Carol Ann Weaver, "Contemporary Kenyan Women's Music - a
Feminist Presence?"
        Ellen Koskoff, "'That's Why We Won't Take You, OK?':
Problematizing Feminist Ethnomusicology"

Session 17: 18th Century Studies (1)
11 - 12, Rosary Hall

        Brooke Green, "Summoning the Thunder: Elisabeth Jacquet de la
Guerre's _Semele_"
        David Hunter, "Margaret Cecil, Lady Brown: 'Persevering Enemy to
Handel' but 'Otherwise Unknown to History'"

Session 18: Technology
2:45 - 4:15, St. Mark's

        Charity Marsh and Melissa West,  "The Nature/Technology Binary
Opposition Dismantled in the Music of Madonna and Bjork"
        Beverly Diamond, "Reading for Gender in a Yukon Recording Studio"
        Susan C. Cook, "Talking Machines and Moving Bodies: Recording
Popular Music and Marketing Gender"

Session 19: 18th Century Studies (2)
2:45 - 4:15, Rosary Hall

        Patricia A. Parker, "The Emergence of Sonata Allegro Form in
the Music of Eighteenth Century Women"
        Denise Seachrist, "Innocent Dove of the Ephrata Cloister: An
Examination of Maria Eicher's Hymn Texts in _Die Tuertel-Taube_"
        Gabriele Busch-Salmen, "Duchess Anna Amalia von
Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach as a Theoretical Reflective Musician Represented
through her Essay 'Gedanken ueber die Musik'"