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Romantic Revelations
Keele, July/August 1999


British Association for Romantic Studies 6th International Residential

Department of English, University of Keele

Thursday 29th July - Sunday 1st August 1999

Call for Papers

With the approach of the end of the millennium, this conference aims to
consider the idea of `revelation' in the writing and culture of the
romantic period. Plenary speakers include: John Barrell, Frances Ferguson
and Morton Paley. 

One major focus of the conference will be the apocalyptic or millennial:
the use of the Bible - Daniel, the Revelation of St. John the Divine and
apocalyptic narrative; apocalyptic figures and imagery - Satan, the
Antichrist, the Beast, the Great Whore, the Four Horsemen of the
Apocalypse, Christ the Redeemer, the New Jerusalem; apocalypse and
history; the American and French Revolutions as apocalyptic events;
apocalypse and prophesy; English and American Millenarianism; the work of
Joanna Southcott and Richard Brothers and responses to it; the writings of
Richard Price, Joseph Priestley, Tom Paine, Thomas Holcroft; apocalypse
and German philosophy - Schiller, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel; apocalypse and
dialectic; apocalypse and Blake's prophetic poems; Coleridge's Religious
Musings; the visual representation of apocalypse - Blake, Gillray, Turner;
Robert Owen's `New Moral World'; M.H.  Abrams' `Apocalyptic Imagination'. 

The organisers also invite papers that examine any other literal or
figurative meanings of the word `revelation'. Such topics might include:
revelation and vision; revelation and the imagination; poetry as
revelation; revelation and the sublime; revelation and scandal; the
erotic; revelation and the gothic novel; revelations and the supernatural;
disguise and revelation; revelation and the imagery of the veil;
scientific revelations; manuscript revelations; dramatic revelations;
revelation and resolution. 

The organizers particularly welcome offers of papers from scholars working
in other disciplines (Art History, Philosophy, History, Theology etc.) as
well as those engaged in interdisciplinary projects. 

Please send an abstract of circa 400 words, by Friday 16 October 1998 to:
Simon Bainbridge and Ed Larrissy, BARS Conference, Department of English,
Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire ST5 5BG, UK. Tel: (01782) 583138;