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Invenção: Thinking the Next Millennium
São Paulo, Brazil, August 1999


            Invenção: thinking the next millennium

            August 25 - 29, 1999

	    São Paulo, Brazil

Call for papers and proposals for conference on the consequences of the
convergence of art, science and technology on our sense of self and human
identity, on consciousness, community and the city, and on learning and
leisure. Deadline: November 30, 1998.

Invenção is an opportunity for those working at the creative edge of the
arts, sciences and technology to collaborate in the transdisciplinary
development of ideas and innovative strategies for life in the next
millennium. Invenção is a "seeding" event that seeks to identify key
questions and issues that can lead to the radical transformation of

Just as increasingly artists work with the metaphors of science, so
scientists are employing forms of representation, such as visualisation,
which owe much to research in the digital arts. As art is transformed by
interactivity, so science increasingly recognises the subjectivity of the
observer. In turn, technology informs our aesthetic and epistemological
structures and is engendering new processes of perception, communication
and cognition. 

Invenção will examine the consequences of this convergence of art, science
and technology on our sense of self and human identity, on consciousness,
community and the city, as well as on learning and leisure. For example,
the artist is challenged to consider what might lie beyond "electronic
art": where might the connectivity of the Internet, the interactivity of
hypermedia and the fluidity of virtual reality lead us? The scientist,
walking a delicate balance between the world of the quantum, deep space,
chaos and complexity has profound questions to ask about the constraints
of nature and the part that can be played by artificial intelligence and
post-biological systems in the construction of reality. Bio-technology and
nano-engineering add further dimensions to these questions. 

Invenção will take place in Brazil, whose euphoric energy, cultural
diversity and productive optimism is intended to characterise the
conference. With its history of dynamic pragmatism coupled with utopian
vision, Brazil is a country where dreams can be reclaimed, a vast space
both geographically and culturally, in which we can re-invent ourselves
and collaborate in the construction of new realities. 

Invenção will be structured to enable a wide range of presentations,
collaborations and interventions to take place, involving lectures,
workshops, panel discussions, papers and breakout groups. The onsite
activity will be integrated with online activity, through a dedicated
website. The proceedings will be embodied in a CD and print publications. 

            Organising Committee
            Arlindo Machado (chair)
            Roy Ascott
            Roger Malina
            Alain Mongeau

            Scientific Committee
            Diana Domingues
            Claudia Giannetti
            Eduardo Kac
            Marcos Novac
            Margarita Schultz
            Ricardo Anderaos
            Jesus de Paula Assis

            This event is organised by Itaú Cultural Institute in
collaboration with the ISEA, Inter-Society for the Electronic , Arts Leonardo/ISAST , and CAiiA-STAR,
Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, University of Wales
College, Newport and the Centre for Science Technology and Art Research ,
University of Plymouth, UK,
support . 

            Further information

            Itaú Cultural Gerência de Difusão Projeto Invenção
            Avenida Paulista 149 CEP 01311 000 São Paulo SP


The official languages of the conference are Portuguese, Spanish and
English. However, abstracts must be submitted in English to facilitate the
work of the organising and scientific committees. 

Abstracts must have 350 words (maximum) and they must be accompanied by a
brief biography (250 words) of the author(s). Submit as an attached
document in Microsof Word by e-mail to
Include up to five keywords with your abstract. 

Your abstract must be accompanied by a declaration of intention to attend
the conference. 

Innovative forms of contributions are welcomed. Proposals for panels
should include information of each member. Please provide full details. 

            GENERAL INFO

            Abstracts must be submitted by 30 November, 1998 and they 
		will be acknowledged on receipt.

            All proposals should contain the following data: title, 
		author(s), institutional affiliation and contact address,
		including phone/fax/email and URL if applicable.

            The authors of papers to be presented will be notified of 
		acceptance by mid-February, 1999. The selected authors are
		requested to confirm their participation as soon as possible.

            There will be a Registration fee of US$ 100 (or equivalent 
		amount in national currency) for each selected work. 
		20% reduction for members of ISEA, CAiiA-STAR and

            In order to be included in the Brochure of Abstracts, 
		Conference Programme and announcements, presenters are
		required to pay the Registration Fee by 30 April, 1999.


            As a suggestion, Sparta Turismo offers the options below upon 
		request of the organisers of the conference:

            Land Services

            three categories of hotels:
            basic, first and superior.
            Promotional rates are approximately as follows:
            basic (3 stars), double room, between USD 60 and USD 90
            first (4 stars), double room, between USD 110 and USD 150
            superior (5 stars), double room, above USD 160
            Prices of transfers, city tours and other services will be 
		calculated according to each participant's needs.

            Air fare

            The promotional fare to be used will be that of the issue 
		date of the air ticket. Depending on the number of
		participants confirmed, the preliminary promotional 
		price of both air ticket and land services are subject to

            Further information
            Sparta Turismo
            São Paulo Brasil
            Fax 55 11 881 9733
            Reservations will be accepted until November 30, 1998.