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International Association for Ukrainian Studies
Odessa, August 1999

Fourth Meeting of the International Association for Ukrainian Studies

The next meeting of the International Association for Ukrainian Studies
will take place in Odessa, Ukraine in late August, 1999.  The Association
is soliciting paper and panel proposals for this meeting.  Panel proposals
are preferred, but proposals for individual papers will also be accepted.
Please submit to Oleksa Myshanych at: 

        The International Association for Ukrainian Studies
        vul. Hrushevs'koho 1, room 214
        Kyiv 252001

telephone: (044) 228-8185
fax:       (044) 229-7650

Submission deadline for paper titles is October 1, 1998 and paper synopses
(8 to 10 pages) are due December 31, 1998. 


From: "Natalie O. Kononenko" (

Dear Colleagues,

        I am posting this message on behalf of Oleksa Myshanych, the first
vice president of the International Association for Ukrainian Studies. Dr.
Myshanych does not have internet access and asked me to circulate this
announcement for him. 

The above is the message from Dr. Myshanych.  What follows is my

        The call for papers is rather succinct.  I need to elaborate and
explain that, at past conferences, papers on all aspects of Ukrainian
studies were presented.  There were papers on history, government and
politics, literature, linguistics, folklore, anthropology, archeology,
music, decorative arts. Basically, anything to do with Ukrainian studies
is an acceptable topic. 

        It would help if you could assemble your own panel, preferably
including speakers from both the west and the NIS, but, if you cannot, the
organizing committee will help put panels together. 

        I realize that October 1 is only slightly more than 2 weeks away,
but all that is being requested at this time is a tentative title.  When
you submit this title, it would be best if you faxed it.  My experience
sending things to Ukraine indicates that fax works best.  If you are
having problems contacting Dr. Myshanych, you can send your proposal to
me. E-mail or snail mail is fine.  My e-mail is and snail
mail is Natalie Kononenko, Slavic Dept., Cabell Hall 109, University of
Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22903.  I will be going to Ukraine in mid
October and I can hand deliver your proposal to Dr. Myshanych.  If you
chose this option, I must have your proposal in hand by Oct. 10.  I have
not yet bought my tickets and I must have your materials at least a few
days before I leave.  My preference is that you do not send materials to
me.  I have no official position in the International Association for
Ukrainian Studies.  I just happened to walk into Dr. Myshanych's office on
my way home to the United States.  So, please, do try to work through
official channels and sending your materials to Dr. Myshanych before
making use of my courier service. 

Natalie Kononenko