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Arts of the British 1890s
Washington, September 1999

This interdisciplinary conference in Washington, DC, exploring the arts of
the British 1890s, will be co-sponsored by the Georgetown University
English Dept., the William Morris Society in the U.S., and the Freer
Gallery of Art. It will include a keynote address at the Freer Gallery, on
the evening of Friday, Sept. 10th, by the author Merlin Holland (grandson
of Oscar Wilde); one day of academic papers at Georgetown University; and
a visit to a related exhibition on Sunday, Sept. 12th. 

The conference organizers seek participants to present papers on Saturday,
Sept. 11th. Papers should have a reading time of 15 minutes and should
address the conference topic in broad terms. Preference will be given to
papers examining the interrelations of the arts in Britain in the 1890s,
as well as the global influences upon and impact of those arts (including
music, theatre, painting, decorative arts, literature, etc.). We
discourage papers on single figures or works. 

Please send 250-word proposals by January 15, 1999 to: 
Mark Samuels Lasner, President
The William Morris Society in the United States
P.O. Box 53263
Washington, DC 20009
and enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope

or via email to: