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The Disney View of the Middle Ages
Bozeman, Montana, September 1999


14th International Conference on Medievalism
Montana State University
September 16-18, 1999

Abstract Deadline: June 30, 1999

The Disney View of the Middle Ages

Many people in the non-academic world have their first, or even only,
exposure to the middle ages through the products of the Walt Disney
Company.  Given that influence, what kind of middle ages is Disney
proposing?  From the iconic castles of the theme parks to a number of its
films, Disney has, over the course of its 75 year history, almost always
had some model of the medieval era in the public eye.  What do these
models tell us about that company?  The middle ages?  Our own times? 

Papers should be for 20-minute presentations.

Please submit 250-word abstracts by June 30, 1999 to:

Tim Melnarik
1009 North Evergreen Street
Burbank, CA  91505