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Researching Culture
London, September 1999


An international, multi-disciplinary conference on:
traditions, approaches and methods for analysing culture

10/11/12 September 1999, University of North London

Call for Papers

Today no single discipline "owns" the study of culture.  This is an
expanding field of analysis across philosophy, anthropology, sociology,
cultural and media studies, literary studies, film studies, gender
studies, organisational studies, geography, history, political science,
and economics.  Each of these disciplines has contributed to the study of
culture and in the process have produced diverse definitions and methods
for its analysis.  What does it mean to study culture in this
multi-disciplinary environment?  This conference aims to bring together
researchers from a wide range of backgrounds to discuss the present and
future directions of cultural analysis.  We welcome papers that explore
the following questions either from an epistemological perspective or
through current research: 

Should we decentre the concept of culture?
Are disciplinary boundaries useful when studying culture?
Are we asking the right questions?
What are the politics of studying culture?
What is at stake in the funding of cultural research?
Text/audience/institutions: what do we mean by "media culture"?
Whatever happened to political economy?
Do new methods follow from new technologies?
Are we living in a global culture?
Decentring Europe: how do we ensure internationalist perspectives?.

Proposals, of 300 words maximum, are invited from academics and
researchers in all relevant fields. 

Please send proposals by February 8th 1999 to: 

Jayne Morgan, "Researching Culture" Conference Organiser

mail: 		School of Social Sciences
		University of North London
		Ladbroke House
		62-66 Highbury Grove
		London N5 2AD
telephone: 	+44-(0)1603-456239 
		+44-(0)171-753-5033 ext. 5028