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Arnold Schönberg's Viennese Circle
Vienna, September 1999

In September 1999, on the occasion of Arnold Schönberg's 125th birthday,
the Arnold Schönberg Center and the Arnold-Schönberg-Institute of the
University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna will jointly host a
musicological symposium devoted to the topic

"Arnold Schönberg's Viennese Circle"
and herewith extend an invitation for papers. The topic embraces Schönberg and his Viennese pupils, the concept "school" with respect to the Viennese School, and the "Society for Private Musical Performances." Each section will include several papers. Applications should be submitted with a brief abstract no later than 15 May 1999 to the Arnold Schönberg Center, attention of Dr. Christian Meyer (Secretary-General), Schwarzenbergplatz 6, A-1030 Wien, e-mail: