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ATMI National Conference
Denver, October 1999


The National Conference of the
Association for Technology in Music Instruction

The Conference Committee of ATMI invites the submission of program
proposals for the 1999 ATMI Conference, held jointly with the College
Music Society October 14-17 in Denver, Colorado. The final date for
submissions is March 1, 1999.


Proposals dealing with all aspects of technology in music instruction are
welcome. We are particularly interested in presentations that focus on: 

*       Music Instructional Applications of the Internet
*       Interactive Distance Learning
*       Multimedia: Integrating Video, Graphics, Text, and Music
*       Creative Pedagogies and Technological Tools for Music Learning and
*       Research on the Effectiveness of Music Technology
*       Using Technology in the Music Studio (Music Performance)


We hope to offer a variety of different conference sessions, including
papers, panels, software demonstrations, training sessions or workshops,
an electronic poster session, and MIDI performance. In addition, we hope
to identify our sessions as intended for the general audience, or focused
on intermediate or advanced levels of experience with technology in music

PAPERS AND PANELS: Traditional academic papers and panels dealing with
technology and music are welcome. Curricular and programmatic issues in
addition to the topics mentioned above are welcome. 

SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATIONS: Also encouraged are presentations that focus on
newly authored software from all aspects of the music curriculum.
Especially welcomed are applications that take an innovative approach to
music teaching and learning. Proposals should include a complete
description of the software's design and its use in the teaching

TRAINING SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS: People looking for practical ways to
expand their skills often attend ATMI sessions. We would like to serve
this constituency by offering a series of short training sessions tailored
to beginning and intermediate skill levels. Submissions in this category
should focus on the presenter's level of experience and background, and
need not include a detailed proposal, since the structure of these
sessions will be worked out in concert with other presenters. 

We are particularly interested in:

*       Authoring software and tools
*       Web tools
*       Sound file creation and conversion

ELECTRONIC POSTER SESSION: The conference will host a computer-based
poster session, in which presenters collectively show material in a large
display area. Especially encouraged are "hands-on" presentations of
research, new interactive music lab software, work in progress, and
examples of student work. Proposals should include a complete description
of the material to be presented. Graphic images or actual software samples
may be included with a proposal submission, but should be clearly
described in the text of the proposal. Poster session participants should
supply portable computers and any other devices needed to present their

MIDI PERFORMANCE: Last year the conference hosted musical performances
focusing on the use of MIDI technology. Capitalizing on the success of
that venture, we encourage performance ensembles devoted to MIDI
performance particularly to submit proposals. 


All proposals will be submitted for blind review and authors are
encouraged to exclude references to individuals or institutions that might
compromise this process (except for panels and training sessions).
Proposals for papers should include clear statements of theoretical
background, methodology, and conclusions. Panel proposals should include a
complete description of the content to be covered, panelists and their
affiliation, and confirmation of panelists' participation. MIDI
performance proposals should include a performance tape and statements
describing performer(s) with regard to organization, purpose/mission or
other relevant information. 

Proposals should be no more than 2,000 words in length and should include
a detailed listing of required equipment and operating system(s). Where
possible, please identify the intended audience level (general,
intermediate, advanced). 

Individuals whose proposals are accepted must be members of ATMI to
present at the 1999 conference. Abstracts for accepted proposals will be
published on the ATMI website, with links to the presenter's website for
additional material. Please note that ATMI is unable to pay travel
expenses for performers whose proposals are accepted. Travel expenses are
the responsibility of the performer(s). 

Deadline for submission is March 1, 1999. E-mail submissions are
especially encouraged and can be sent to Notification
of receipt will be sent as soon as e-mail submissions are received. 

To submit proposals for paper presentations and poster sessions by regular
mail, send five copies of each proposal to: 

	Robert Train Adams
	ATMI Program Chair
	Department of Music
	Susquehanna University
	514 University Avenue
	Selinsgrove, PA 17870

To submit proposals for MIDI performances, send proposal and tape to: 

	Dr. Peter Webster
	ATMI Conference Program
	School of Music
	Northwestern University
	Evanston, IL 60208