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Edgar Allan Poe Conference
Richmond, VA, October 1999

Abstracts for papers and proposals for sessions are invited for the International Edgar Allan Poe Conference, commemorating the sesquicentennial of Poe's death. The event, to be held at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, is sponsored by the Poe Studies Association, in conjunction with the Poe Foundation, Penn State DuBois, and the departments of English of Louisiana State University and Penn State. All topics related to the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe are appropriate; suggested topics are as follows: Poe's Reading Poe's Richmond Poe's Influence Poe's Pym Poe and His Contemporaries Poe and the Short Story Poe's Contemporary Reception Poe's Lyric Poetry Poe and Periodicals Poe and Detective Fiction Poe's Critical Reputation Poe and Science Fiction Poe Biography Poe and Humor Poe Bibliography Poe's Social Commentary Poe and Popular Culture Collecting Poe Poe and Film Editing Poe Poe and Music Teaching Poe Poe and Dance Poe's Lectures Poe and the Visual Arts Poe Portraiture Poe and Race Poe Sites Poe and Gender Poe Folklore Poe and Science Poe and the South Poe and Philosophy Poe and Religion Poe and the Gothic Poe Abroad Please send abstracts for twenty-minute papers (and proposals for hour-and-twenty-minute sessions) to Richard Kopley, Vice-President of the PSA, Department of English, Penn State, University Park, PA 16802. Abstracts and proposals will be evaluated by members of the PSA Executive Committee: J. Gerald Kennedy (President), Richard Kopley, Joel Myerson and Terence Whalen (Members-at-Large), Barbara Cantalupo (PSA Newsletter editor), and Roberta Sharp (Secretary-Treasurer). The deadline for all submissions is December 31, 1998.