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American Conference on Romanticism
Bloomington, November 1999

The American Conference on Romanticism meeting will be held at Indiana University at Bloomington, November 11-14, 1999. Suitable topics for twenty-minute presentations include the following: Esthetic pleasure: sublime, Gothic, grotesque, culinary or sartorial; art for art's sake. Intellectual pleasure: wit, irony, parody, learning; the varieties of love and eroticism; the passions, religion, enlightenment; magic; publics and solitary readers, then and now - their tastes and desires; tourism, guidebooks, dioramas; other romantic artefacts; means of communication. Economic pleasure: Smith, capital and the industrial revolution; romantic science. Political pleasure: Bentham, the pursuit of happiness, revolution, abolitionism, war, utopias, nationhood and empire; pain and suffering. Half-page abstracts should be submitted by March 15, 1999 to: John Isbell, Dept. of French & Italian Ballantine Hall 642 Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405 USA +1-(812) 855-1952, fax +1-(812) 855-8877 Email: Organizing Committee: Fritz Breithaupt, Andrea Ciccarelli, Mary Favret, Jane Fulcher, Ken Johnston, William Rasch, Henry Remak, Nick Williams. If you would also like copies of our flyer, featuring Wright of Derby's lovely portrait of Sir Brooke Boothby reading Rousseau, please write to "".