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Between the Bloc and the Hard Place
London, November 1999

The research Students of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies,
with the support of the School's academic staff, are organising an
interdisciplinary conference which, coinciding with a new era of expansion
for the European Union, aims to contribute to a wide-ranging analysis of
the competing legacies the post-communist states must contend with, and of
the relative weight their traditions and aspirations carry in each of
these countries. 

Papers are being called for in the following areas and broadly addressing
these sub-topics: 

 POLITICS:       -"East", "West", or "Third way"?
                 -Political Culture and Civil Society
                 -Political Leadership and the Will to Reform

 ECONOMICS:      -Macroeconomic stabilisation and the "euro"
                 -Can the Emerging Markets Compete in Europe

 SOCIOLOGY:      -Migration and Social Imbalances in Europe
                 -Women in the Post-Communist World
                 -National Identity and the New European Order

                 -Rewriting "The West" in Central and East European History
                 -Historical Borders and "Europeanisation",
                 -Pan-European Culture: Shared Heritage or Wishful Construct?
                 -Can Eastern Europe Turn its Back on the Recent Past?
                 -National Identity in the Global Village

For more information and the submission of papers and abstracts please

  Roman Zyla or Elizabeth Skomp
  Postgraduate Research Conference
  c/o Department of Social Sciences
  School of Slavonic and East European Studies
  University of London
  Senate House
  Malet Street
  London WC1E 7HU

  Visit the Conference website at