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East European Theory (MLA Convention) Chicago, December 1999

Call for Papers--1999 MLA Convention in Chicago


Organized by the Slavic Cultures Discussion Group

Open panel on Literary and Cultural Theory in Eastern Europe.  Possible
topics include, but are not limited to:

--The legacies of pre-war schools of literary theory in Eastern Europe
--Ingarden and phenomenological criticism in Poland
--Prague Structuralism and its influence
--Lacanians in Ljubljana
--Feminist theory in Eastern Europe
--Post-Communist Marxism

Please send an abstract of 1-2 pages and a brief CV by email as a text
file (ascii) attachment or in an email message to, by fax to +1-212-854-8266, or by conventional
mail to:

        David A. Goldfarb
        Slavic Department
        Barnard College
        Columbia University
        3009 Broadway
        New York, NY  10027-6598

Abstracts must be received by 1 April 1999, and selected participants must
be current members of the Modern Language Association.

For more information on the conference, visit the MLA website at

David A. Goldfarb
Department of Slavic Languages
Barnard College
Columbia University