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Fleming, Bonnie E.

Chamber Music for Single Instrument and Piano by Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (1848-1918)

Ph.D. University of Kansas, 1998

The chamber works for solo instrument and piano by Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (1848-1918) span the career of the composer and demonstrate the stylistic characteristics inherent in his compositions. Through these works it is possible to see Parry progress from an amateur composer writing works to please family members to a professional composer creating masterful works in a fully mature style. A brief chapter outlining the methodology of this study precedes a chapter discussing the social atmosphere of turn-of-the-century England and the place of chamber music and Hubert Parry in that atmosphere. Parry's life and career are then surveyed, establishing a chronological perspective for these works. Each chamber work for solo instrument and piano in turn undergoes an extensive stylistic analysis which accentuates the major aspects of melody, form, and harmony that define Parry's style. Comments on turn-of-the-century English preferences and attitudes toward publishing, printing, and listening to chamber music are included within the analysis of each work to help further place these works in a valuable historical perspective. Analyzing each of the twelve works for single instrument and piano in this intensive manner is imperative to understanding the evolution of Parry's musical style within a cultural context. A final chapter concludes by summarizing intrinsic stylistic elements common to all the works.