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Schiller, Caroline

A Performer's Guide to Works for Soprano Voice by Canadian Women Composers

DMA, Florida State University, 2001

The purpose of this dissertation is to serve as an overview and guide to Canadian vocal works for soprano voice by Canadian women composers. The work of Canadian women provides an innovative voice and an exciting alternative to the traditional vocal repertoire.

This treatise provides a comprehensive listing of compositions for soprano voice and piano composed between 1946 and 2000 and catalogued by the Canadian Music Centre libraries. These libraries constitute a repository for the music and recordings of 505 Associate Composers. Women composers represent a fraction of the total number of Associates at sixty-two. In considering pieces for inclusion in this bibliography, only those works composed between 1946 and 2000, and designated by the composer or the Canadian Music Centre as being for high voice or soprano voice are included. In total, sixty compositions representing the work of twenty-six composers meet the given criteria. A biographical sketch of each composer is included, as is a quote by the composer (when available) concerning her compositional style or other details regarding the specific work being examined. The works are presented in a concise, annotated format intended to facilitate the singer's choice of new and interesting repertoire.

It is the aim of this treatise to offer an introduction to these works in order to promote their use in study and performance.