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Stoffel, Lawrence

Promotion of the Concert Band as an Artistic Medium through Recordings: An Annotated Discography

D.Mus. Indiana University, 1999

This study comprises two major components -- an annotated discography of 73 compositions for concert band and interviews with leading conductors who have recorded concert band music on compact disc. This document identifies that abundant recordings of quality concert band literature are available, and such recordings assist in elevating the credibility of the concert band as an artistic medium.

The basis for this study was inspired by the doctoral document completed by Jay Gilbert at Northwestern University in 1992, An Evaluation of Compositions for Wind-Band According to Specific Criteria of Serious Artistic Merit: A Replication and Update. The Gilbert study identified 73 concert band compositions that received a rating of highest artistic merit by a panel of 20 respected conductors in the collegiate band profession. This discography focuses exclusively on recordings of these 73 works. The discography contains a total of 342 albums. A complete annotation for each of these recordings provides thorough information regarding the content, performers, producer, and format of each album. With the complete manufacturer and release information noted for each of the albums, these recordings are now more easily obtainable to consumers of band music.

The second major section of this document comprises interviews of seven conductors who were selected for having produced many recordings of concert band music. Twelve questions were asked of each conductor addressing the matters of the repertory, marketing, preparation, and impact of recording band music. A summary of the diverse perspectives presented within the responses to these questions ultimately confirms that the recording of quality concert band compositions does promote the concert band as an artistic medium.