City, Chant, and the Topography of Early Music


City, Chant, and the Topography of Early Music
Friday-Sunday, October 2-4, 2009
A conference in honor of Thomas Forrest Kelly
Department of Music
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138


Cultural landscape and geography have transformed the history of Western music from its earliest manifestations to the present day. The conference City, Chant, and the Topography of Early Music brings together 17 major scholars and performers to explore ways that space, urban life, landscape, and time revolutionized plainchant and other musical forms. The conference honors and builds upon Thomas Forrest Kelly's work in keeping cultural, geographic, and political factors close to the heart of the musicology of chant, early music, and beyond. Two papers complement Kelly's scholarly and pedagogical interests by investigating the role of the city in the premieres of works composed long after the end of the Middle Ages.

Keynote Address: Craig Wright Looking Back (and Forward) to the Middle Ages
Conference of scholarly papers in honor of Thomas Forrest Kelly. Presenters: Michel Huglo & Barbara Haggh-Huglo, Andreas Haug, Marie-Noel Collette, David Hiley, Katarina Livljanic, Alejandro Planchart, Dom Daniel Saulnier, Matthew Peattie, Susan Rankin, Arni Ingolfsson, Andreas Pfisterer, Virginia Brown, Susan Boynton, Iain Fenlon, and Peter Bloom.

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