IMS-Symposium Music: Notation and Sound






From 5 to 10 July 2009 will be held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) the joint congress of the International Association of Music Libraries (IAML) and the International Musicological Society (IMS). Within this joint congress will take place an IMS Intercongressional Symposium, with the theme "Music:
Notation and Sound".

Although music can exist as an oral tradition, in many cultures - Western and non Western - music has been fixed in a notation or as a sound recording. When we study music, we usually study such a notation or such a recording. The existence of music libraries is in fact based on the possibility to fix music into a permanent state instead of leaving it to its original unsteady and volatile form. But at the same time this fixation creates many problems: What were the rules for this fixation? To what extent does the fixation reflect the music as it was meant to be? How much is lost in the fixation? How well can music be recreated from it notated form? The new electronic media have provided many new ways to store and to propagate music that were impossible in earlier times. For this IMS Symposium papers will be accepted that deal in one way or another with problems around musical notation or with music stored as sound recording or stored in electronic way: notation, editing, coding, transmission. etcetera, in relation to all musical repertoires that exist in western and non western music.

The time for each paper is 30 minutes, but this is included announcement and discussion. Papers can be given in any of the five official languages of the IMS (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish), but one must be aware of the fact that the largest audience is reached with a paper in English.

The floor is open for both IMS and non IMS members, but if you intend to propose a paper and you are not yet a member of the IMS, it is strongly suggested to become a member of the IMS.

Please send title and an abstract of no less than hundred but no more than two hundred words by e-mail (either in the body of the message or as attachment) to the IMS Programme Coordinator

Rudolf Rasch, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands

Deadline for submission is: 1 October 2008

IMS Programme Committee:

Rudolf Rasch (chairman, Utrecht, Netherlands)
Jim Cassaro (IAML, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
Dinko Fabris (Bari, Italy)
Joost van Gemert (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Catherine Massip (Paris, France)
Rupert Ridgewell (London, United Kingdom)