Music & Visual Art






To be held at the Courtauld Gallery and the Wallace Collection, London
Saturday 2nd May 2009

The relation between music and the visual arts has long occupied practicing artists from both disciplines, but music iconography or iconology does not generally receive the sustained attention from scholars in Britain that it does internationally. This one day seminar, guided by the President of the International Musicological Society, aims to stimulate and encourage scholarship in this field in Britain.

The RMA are keen to establish a cross-disciplinary study group in music and visual art, which will act as a forum for discussion, as well as a spring-board from which to raise the profile of this subject through the organisation of workshops, seminars, conferences, and other public events. It is hoped that postgraduates participating in this seminar might wish to become involved in the foundation of this group.

Applications are invited from postgraduate students to present informal 15 - 20 minute papers on any work from either gallery which is currently on display. As a seminar event, we do not necessarily ask for scripted talks, but hope that points raised can be discussed by all participants during or after the presentation. Works must have musical connections, either in narrative content, historical context or formal language.

Please send short abstracts (c. 200 words) to Susan Bagust ( or Charlotte de Mille ( by the 14th April 2009. Participants will be required to pay their own entry to the Courtauld Gallery.