Music without Walls?


Event: Interdisciplinary Symposium: Music without Walls? Source Studies in the 21st Century
Location: School of Music and Sonic Arts, Queen's University
Dates: 16-17 December 2009
Contact: Alison Dunlop


The symposium ‘Music without Walls?’ is being held to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and to celebrate subsequent developments in music source studies. The aims of this interdisciplinary symposium are to present and contextualize recent findings and to discuss how new technologies may facilitate and enhance our understanding of this.

Proposals exploring any aspect of this theme are invited, although those relating to new discoveries, archival research in former ‘Eastern-Bloc’ countries, case studies of various geographical locales, the implications of technological developments and future directions in source studies, are particularly encouraged.

The symposium will be preceded by a research seminar given by Dr Michael Maul (Bach-Archiv, Leipzig) Wednesday 16 December 2009, 1 pm.

Individuals may submit one proposal in the form of an abstract of not more than 300 words (individual papers), or not more than 400 words (round table sessions).

The abstract should be preceded by information under the following headings:


Abstracts may be emailed to Alison Dunlop

Attachments (in MS word file or .rtf format) are preferred for the text of abstracts, but all attachments should be backed up with a plain-text version in the main email.
Deadline for receipt of abstracts is 1 September 2009.