10th International Music Theory Conference

Principles Of Music Composing: Sacral Music


Lithuanian Composers’ Union

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

10th International Music Theory Conference



20-22 October 2010

Vilnius, Lithuania

    The purpose of the conference is to give new impulses to the development of

musicological thought, which could serve to compositional practice and teaching

process. The nine preceding conferences took place in Vilnius (Principles of

Music Composing: Theory and Practice 1999; Principles of Music Composing:

Between Ethno and Techno 2001; Principles of Music Composing: Continuity and

Innovation in Contemporary Music 2002; Principles of Music Composing: Aspects

of Historical Spread 2004; Principles of Music Composing: Creative process

2005; Principles of Music Composing: Phenomenon of a Cycle 2006; Principles of

Music Composing: Musical Text 2007, Principles of Music Composing: Musical

Archetypes 2008; Principles of Music Composing: Orchestra as a Phenomenon


    This year the conference will celebrate its 10th anniversary. For this

occasion the special program and events are planed.


1.The conception of sacral music as a composing object (etymology, criteria,

theoretical conceptions, attitudes of church authorities, pronouncements etc.)

2.Composing technique as a sign of music sacrality and secularity

(historical-theoretical outlook).

3.Features of sacral music composing (liturgy, relation between text and music,

the interaction between vocal and instrumental principles etc.).

4.Characteristics of Western and Eastern sacral monody. Gregorian chant

(genesis, performing, notation and restoration, compositional structures, types

etc.). The influence of Gregorian chant on the European music composing


5.Genres, forms and composing principles of sacral music during the peak of

Christian era (Missae ordinarium, Requiem, Psalmus, Magnificat, Antiphona,

Responsorium, Hymnus etc.).

6.Sacral music in liturgy and beyond – the universalising of cult and concert

composing practices.

7.Acoustic expanses of sacral music composing, performing and psychological


8.Current issues of composing Church liturgy repertoire in Lithuania and other


9.Sacral music in the scope of contemporary music composition theory and


    Paper proposals (abstract together with a short biography) should be sent

to Mr. Marius Baranauskas: pmc@lmta.lt . The abstract must not exceed 500

words. The duration of papers will be limited to 20 minutes. Please indicate

whether your proposal belongs to one or more of the conference sub themes.

    The deadline for proposal submissions is June 6, 2010. The proposals will

be reviewed by members of the organizing committee and all applicants will be

notified of the outcome until the end of June 2010.

    The main language of the conference is English.

    The material of the conference – abstracts and papers will be published.

For more information about the conference contact:

Lithuanian Composers’ Union, Mickeviciaus 29, LT-08117 Vilnius, Lithuania.

Coordinator of the conference Marius Baranauskas: pmc@lmta.lt