42nd Baltic Musicology Conference: Music and Identities: The Baltic Sea Region in the 21st Century, and New Approaches to Music Analysis


42nd Baltic Musicology Conference (Riga, October 28-29, 2010)

Music and Identities: The Baltic Sea Region in the 21st Century, and New Approaches to Music Analysis

Call for Papers:

The 42ndannual Conference of Baltic Musicologists, hosted by the Latvian Composers’ Union and the J!zeps V"tols Latvian Academy of Music, will be held in Riga on October 28 and 29, 2010, and proposals for papers are now being invited.

The confirmed keynote speaker of the conference is Max Peter Baumann (Julius Maximilian University Würzburg).

The themes of the conference are:

Music and Identities: The Baltic Sea Region in the 21st Century


New Approaches to Music Analysis

The Baltic Musicology Conferences are traditionally meetings of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian musicologists. Colleagues from other countries are also welcome.

The conference is devoted to:

1) Music in its social and cultural contexts. The aim is to ascertain the role of music in the construction of social and cultural identity and its development, as well as to analyze the influence identity on the process of composition and its results. Ideas of identity, beginning with Hegel, developed into a large number of concepts of identity in the 20th century, having their source in individualistic or group approaches, in concepts of otherness, etc.

The realities of the 21st century and its changing socio-political environment have influenced and changed perceptions of the values--as well as the creative process and functional aspects of music. In the Baltic States as well, where in the 19th and 20th centuries predominant aspects of musical identity were based primarily on the idea of national uniqueness and nationalism, new concepts are observable at the turn of the 21st century.

The focus is on research in which issues of identity and music are analyzed with respect to culture, nationality, class, gender, religion, age, etc., as well as the manifestation of identities in musical genres and styles, including composers’ individual styles. It encompasses:

  1. The construction and preservation of musical identities in the Baltic Sea region and the changes therein over time.

  2. National identity and music; ethnic aspects of music; the local and the global in music.

  3. The music of subcultures/countercultures and their identities in the Baltic Sea region.

  4. Music in its intercultural contexts.

  5. The issue of identity in classical contemporary music and jazz.

2) The second section of the conference, New Approaches to Music Analysis, focuses on the latest inventions and achievements within this area of knowledge. Topics may be chosen from the following, although other suggestions will be considered as well.

  1. New methods of analysis (aural analysis, mathematic approaches, computer-assisted analysis, etc.).

  2. New subjects for analysis (improvisation, traditional music, rock, jazz, etc.).

  3. Interdisciplinary approaches of analysis.

  4. Contemporary developments in semiotics and hermeneutics of music.

  5. History of music analysis.

The conference’s programme committee:

Anda Beitane (Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music)

Martin Boiko (Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music/Riga Stradins University)

Kevin C. Karnes (Emory University, USA)

Janis Kudins (Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music)

Urve Lippus (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre)

Valdis Muktupavels (Latvian University)

Ruta Staneviciute (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre)

Ilze Sarkovska-Liepina (Latvian University, Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art)

The languages of the conference are English and German. Deadline for paper proposals is 29 March 2010 (post mark or e-mail date).Please submit proposals for papers of 20 minutes in length with an abstract of no more than 500 words and a biographical statement by e-mail to valde@komponisti.lv or by post to:

Gundega Smite

Latvian Composers' Union

Baznicas 37-3

Riga, LV-1010


Notification of acceptance will be sent no later than the end of May 2010. There is no participation fee for the conference. Travel costs and accommodation must be covered by the participants. The organizers will provide several hotel options at special rates for conference participants. The proceedings of the conference will be published. For further information please contact:

Gundega Smite

Latvian Composers’ Union

Baznicas 37-3,

Riga, LV-1010


Tel: (+371) 67293059

Fax: (+371) 67293059

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