Ensemble: Making Music Together


Annual Conference

International Council on Traditional Music: Ireland

Mary Immaculate College

University of Limerick     Ireland

February 27th & 28th 2010


Call For Papers

Conference Theme:

“Ensemble: Making Music Together”

The common purpose of all ‘bands’, ‘groups’, ‘orchestras’ or ‘ensembles’ is to perform music or dance collectively. Whether casually formed for particular events or consituted as professional and legal institutions, musical groups are specialised social organisations which play a key role in ‘soundly organising humanity’.

The objective of this conference is to explore the performance dynamics, interpersonal relationships, organisational structures and shared socio-cultural values of dance and musical groups – and of course, of the music they produce. Of equal imortance in this exploration will be the active role of audiences in the creation of performance contexts.

Presentations might consider such diverse issues as; criteria for membership of a music group; leadership and power within ensembles; improvisation; specialist roles within an ensemble; the experience of playing with others; ensembles as manifestations of identity; engagement with audiences, or the representations of ‘groups’ by the music industry.


Submissions are welcomed from research carried out in any relevant discipline and any music or dance field. Panel submissions will also be considered.

200 word Abstracts for 20 minute papers should be submitted to: tony.langlois@mic.ul.ie

By: 13th December 2009.

Postgraduate researchers are also invited to submit an abstract for a poster presentation which must be 100 - 150 words in length. This should be a succinct description of their work or current work in progress.  Alternatively, a preliminary layout of their poster presentation in PDF or slide format can be submitted.  Each accepted delegate will have the opportunity to present their posters and explain the essence of their research at the conference.

Abstracts/slides/PDF files should be sent to Thomas Johnston at: education@ictm.ie 

By:13th December2009