Music, Indigeneity & Digital Media Symposium


Music, Indigeneity & Digital Media Symposium

15-16 April 2010

Royal Holloway, University of London

This symposium will focus on the role of digital media in the musical practices of indigenous peoples and in musical representations of indigeneity. It builds on the expanding scholarship on music and technology, music and the politics of indigeneity, and the impact and role of the Internet in musical and indigenous communities. Key questions that it hopes to address include:

•How significant is digital media to indigenous musical practices?

•How do musicians balance new technologies with traditional practice?

•How do digital media offer musical encounters, negotiations and critiques of (post)modernity?

•Do digital media support or hinder the musical indigenous movement?

Other themes that may be explored include the impact of digital media on:

•representation and self determination through music

•musical constructions of place

•cultural revival and cultural repatriation

•musical production, mediation and consumption

•global musical communities and networks

•ethnographic methods, representing musical practices and ethics

For enquiries about the symposium please contact any of the organisers:

Thomas Hilder.

Henry Stobart

Shzr Ee Tan