Musicological Society of Australia and New Zealand Musicological Society Annual Conference


Call for Papers:


Joint MSA/NZMS Conference

Music Department, University of Otago (NZ)

The Music Department at the University of Otago (New Zealand) will be hosting the joint MSA/NZMS conference from 2 – 4 December 2010. The theme of the conference is “re-Vision”. In music research we develop new visions, and re-visions, about and around the music we study. As professional scholars we also create new visions for our discipline. As musicians engaged in composition or performance, we create or re-create ‘visions’ in sound. The theme re-Vision is designed to provide a framework within which we can share our current work in music research.

Proposals are invited within the following broad topics, and in any of the many areas of music research:

-re-Visions in understanding the practice of music-making

oComposition, performance, arrangement; composers, performers, arrangers

oFormal and informal music-making

oMusic reception studies

-re-Visions in understanding the context of music-making

oPractical contexts

oDeeper/wider cultural contexts

-re-Visions in understanding the role and purpose of music research

oNew music-ologies

oMusic research and performance

oMusic research and education

Free papers are also welcome.

The keynote speakers will be:

oAaron Corn, Associate Professor at the School of Music, Australian National University, who has recently been awarded a prestigious Future Fellowship, the first in any field of the Creative Arts, by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

oDenis Dutton, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Canterbury, author of The Art Instinct (Bloomsbury Press/OUP, 2009).  (TBC)

Abstracts of 250 words for individual papers and workshops, and 500 words for panels of three presenters (including names of participants and chair), should be sent via email no later than 3 May 2010 to the chair of the programme committee: Abstracts should be submitted as an email attachment (Word document, 12pt Times New Roman font, left justified) with the presenter’s surname as the document title (ie. Davison.doc). Please include (in this order):

-Name of author(s) (as you would like it to appear in the programme)

-Institution or affiliation

-Contact phone numbers


-Title of paper

-Abstract text (single paragraph, no citations or footnotes)

-Five keywords for your presentation

Please prepare your abstract carefully as the submitted version is what will appear in printed material for the conference. Abstracts may be edited by the committee.

Registration costs*:

Full Programme

MSA/NZMS Full Members NZD $200

MSA/NZMS Student Members NZD $100

Single Day

MSA/NZMS Full Members NZD $80

MSA/NZMS Student Members NZD $40

*All conference delegates must by current financial members of the MSA/NZMS.

Further information will be provided on the MSA/NZMS websites and via email once abstracts have been reviewed.