Study Group for Musics of East Asia (MEA)


Call for Papers:

The Study Group for Musics of East Asia (MEA) under ICTM will hold its second conference on 24, 25 and 26 August 2010 in Korea, at the Academy of Korean Studies. Those interested in East Asian musical cultures are welcome to submit paper proposals. 

Conference Themes: 

1.     Intangible Cultural Heritage in East Asia: History and Practical Results 

2.     ‘Recordings and Films’ or ‘The Potential and Pitfalls of Audio-Visual Technology and Materials’ 

3.     Reconsidering Sacred and Profane in East Asian Ritual Music 

4.     Asian Music in Music Textbooks for Primary and Secondary Schools in East Asia          

5.     Asian Soundscapes and Cyberspace 

6.     New Research 


Presentation Formats

1) individual paper presentations (20-minute presentation plus 10-minute discussion), and 2) panel or roundtable discussion (at least 3 but not more than 4 participants for the duration of 90 minutes). 

LANGUAGE: English 

Deadline for submission of paper proposals: 31 December 2009 

Please send proposals to: 

Further inquiries should be addressed to TSAI Tsan Huang (Program Committee Chair) by email:

For further information and updates, please visit the MEA website: and click ‘Upcoming Conference’.