Marginal figures of twentieth-century music

Marginal figures of twentieth-century music

Project of a Study group


International musicological conference

The North in traditional cultures and professional composing schools

Russia (Petrozavodsk), 1-7 September 2011


On September 3, 2011, a conference “Marginal figures of twentieth-century music” will be held in the network of the international conference of IMS “The North in traditional cultures and professional composing schools”.


By ‘marginal’ we mean not necessarily minor figures, but also those who were themselves remarkable and original yet, for a variety of reasons, never became part of the mainstream. The reasons for the relative or total oblivion of such composers are different:  early death, dissociation from active participation in musical life, inability to stand the competition with more energetic contemporaries, and so on. As a result, the literature on these composers is scanty, their music’s place in the repertoire is at best peripheral. However, every composer has his or her own inimitable history of ‘marginalization’; many of these histories are dramatic, even tragic, and all of them are reflected in distinctive artistic worlds.


The project of Study group “Marginal figures of twentieth-century music” aims to reveal the aesthetic importance of such composers’ heritage.


Approximate (partial) list of ’marginal’ 20th century composers:

George Antheil, Jean Barraqué, Cornelius Cardew, Jani Christou, John Foulds, Roberto Gerhard, Karel Goeyvaerts, Charles T. Griffes, Manfred Gurlitt, Alemdar Karamanov, Rued Langgaard, Arthur Lourié, Colin McPhee, Albéric Magnard, Bo Nilsson, Alan Pettersson, Dane Rudhyar, Carl Ruggles, Giacinto Scelsi, Nikos Skalkottas, Kaikhosru S. Sorabji, Rudi Stephan, Claude Vivier

Attempts to supplement this list will be welcomed


Conference chairs:

Dr Levon Hakobian (principal research fellow, at the State Institute of Art Studies, Moscow)

Lidia Ader (senior researcher at the N. Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Museum-Apartment, St Petersburg)


Working languages of the conference are Russian, English and German

Time-limit for papers is 20 minutes.


Within the bounds of the conference “The North in traditional cultures and professional composing schools” there will be established sessions of study groups “Shostakovich and his Epoch: Contemporaries, Culture and the State” and “Stravinsky between East and West”.


Please submit abstracts for papers of 200 words, which have to be sent by to Dr Levon Hakobian ( and Lidia Ader (

The deadline for paper abstracts is 1 May 2011.

The notification of acceptance will be sent out May 2011 at the latest.

Selected papers should be sent by 15 June 2011.


Petrozavodsk State Conservatoire will not able to cover participants’ expenses. Admission free.


Information about the conference is available at the official website of Petrozavodsk State Conservatoire


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