The Open University Literature and Music Research Group: Don Juan: Interdisciplinary Symposium

The Open University Literature and Music Research Group

Don Juan: Interdisciplinary Symposium

23rd September, 2011

Institute of Musical Research and Institute of English Studies, Senate
House, London,

The Don Juan story is one of the most enduring of modern cultural myths,
with retellings and versions spanning several centuries and occurring in
the widest imaginable range of cultural forms and narrative media. This
informal study day seeks to explore the diverse manifestations of this

The day is open to graduate students, early career and established
researchers. We aim to include papers addressing the potential for
teaching and researching the rich inheritance of the Don Juan myth, in a
wide variety of media. The event is organised by the Literature and
Music Research Group of the Open University and will be hosted by the
Institutes of Musical Research and English Studies. The convenors are
Katia Chornik, Delia da Sousa Correa, Fiona Richards and Robert Samuels.

We warmly welcome proposals for papers on literary, musical and visual
versions of the Don Juan story, and on the many cultural manifestations
of the Don Juan figure. Graduate students and those with a teaching
interest in this topic are especially encouraged to offer papers.

Topics for the day may include, but are not limited to:

Don Juan in literature, from the Golden Age Spanish Drama to the present
day, from Molina’s El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra to Derek
Walcott’s The Joker of Seville.

Operatic and other musical versions of Don Juan from Mozart and Da Ponte
to Lloyd Webber.

Relationships between literary and musical realisations of the Don Juan

Topics in musical or literary theory and analysis, and topics in
inter-medial studies or musico-poetics. Other interdisciplinary Don

Don Juan from a psychoanalytical perspective.

Don Juan in film.

Romantic and/or pre-Romantic Don Juans, for example, the pre-texts and
afterlife of Byron’s Don Juan.

Don Juan as an iconic figure at large within and beyond the Don Juan

Don Juan in contemporary popular culture.

Papers will be a maximum of 15-20 minutes in length, to allow for
discussion to be prioritised during the day. Abstracts (max 200 words)
should be sent to Katia Chornik,
<>  by Friday 17th June

The event will take place in Room G22/26, Senate House, from 10.30 –

Institute of Musical Research and Institute of English Studies

School of Advanced Study, University of London,

Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

See map

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