Performance, Creativity, Collaboration

Performance, Creativity, Collaboration:
Conference of the New Zealand Musicological Society; hosted by the New Zealand School of Music, Wellington, New Zealand, 26-28 November 2011

Keynote speakers are Suzanne Cusick (NYU) and Michelle Kisliuk (University of Virginia). Te Rita Papesch (University of Canterbury) will lead a roundtable on Maori music.

Performance, creativity, and collaboration are each concepts that resonate within many different musical practices. But how might these concepts intersect with each other? And how can those different musical practices themselves intersect through the act or study of performance, through concepts of creativity, or through other forms of collaboration? This conference seeks to explore and foster the dialogues around performance, creativity, and/or collaboration that occur both within and between different musics (including jazz, indigenous music and dance, Western art music, popular music, and music of any global tradition) and between disciplinary frameworks.

Papers may address one or more aspects of the theme from a variety of perspectives, including:

–        The study of historical or contemporary performers, performances, modes of performance (including electronic), or performance practices
–        Creativity in approaches to performing or writing about music
–        Critical or historical approaches to creativity in music
–        Collaborations between any of the following: scholars, performers and composers; different forms of performance or different musical traditions; different methodological or disciplinary frameworks for the study of music.

Papers on other subjects, including papers not directly relating to the conference theme, will also be considered.

Conference presentations make take one of the following forms:

–        Formal conference presentations (20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for questions)
–        Interactive workshops (30 minutes)
–        Lecture demonstrations (20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for questions)
–        Panel sessions (up to three participants and 90 minutes in duration)

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be sent as a Word attachment to NZMSConference at Proposals for panel sessions should include abstracts for individual papers (where applicable), as well as a proposal for the session itself (up to 250 words each).

Please also include a title, and supply five keywords below your abstract. As abstracts will be screened anonymously by the selection committee, please omit your name from the Word file. In the body of your e-mail you should include your full name, your status (salaried permanent university staff member/student/private researcher/professional musician), your institutional affiliation where appropriate, and your home town/country.

Deadline for proposals: 10 June 2011

For further details please see
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