ORCiM RESEARCH FESTIVAL 2011 X-PERIMENT – an international dialogue on Artistic Experimentation in Music

X-PERIMENT – an international dialogue on Artistic Experimentation in Music
Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM] Ghent, Belgium, Europe 5-8 October 2011

The Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM] is pleased to announce that its Third Annual Research Festival will take place in October 2011. This Festival will focus upon Artistic Experimentation and promises an unprecedented atmosphere of exciting and stimulating interaction, celebrating what is happening in artistic research in music on a global scale. ORCiM has opened up its Third Annual Research Festival into a shared creative and critical forum with the Pentacon Group *.

*Initiated in 2010, Pentacon is a strategic collaboration between five forward-looking conservatoires on three continents. By defining five domains of action (New Pedagogies, Professional Development, Engaging Communities, Artistic Research and Music Technologies), Pentacon seeks to:
– Identify and implement appropriate pedagogical approaches for the 21st century
– Prepare students for successful professional lives in contemporary musical environments
– Engage communities, responding to the many relationships between music & people
– Develop & implement research agendas with both academic rigour and artistic integrity
– Optimise the use of technology for creating, learning, researching & disseminating music.

PENTACON – Partner institutions
• Guildhall School of Music & Drama (London, U.K.)
• Schulich School of Music, McGill University (Montreal, Canada)
• Royal Conservatoire The Hague (The Netherlands) with its link to the Orpheus Institute (Ghent, Belgium)
• Sibelius Academy (Helsinki, Finland)
• Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia)

Besides offering valuable inspiration to musician-scholars keen to attend and experience the fresh understanding and new questions that artistic research generates, the Festival will help to delineate future directions for ORCiM as it moves towards the culmination of its artistic experimentation project and looks beyond it to new opportunities to bring artistic researchers together.

X-PERIMENT – an international dialogue on artistic experimentation in music
ORCiM’s current three-year theme of Artistic Experimentation is at the heart of the Research Festival. Experimentation is omnipresent in artistic practice and in the processes of music making. Artistic experimentation encompasses the actions that an artist undertakes in developing and constantly renewing personal artistic identity and expertise. Exploring this field has the potential to give greater insight into how art unfolds, and opens new possibilities for artistic practice and reception.
The joint Orpheus Research Centre/Pentacon Festival will celebrate a unique interaction of ORCiM researchers with guest presenters and performers from the five Pentacon institutions. In preparation for it, the Pentacon members have been invited to reflect upon, and react to, ORCiM’s research agenda of artistic experimentation, but refracting this through their own, particular research strengths. Their reactions will take the form of performances, presentations, talks and public concerts. Research Fellows from ORCiM, as well as guest speakers, will share aspects of their latest artistic developments and insights, and will draw fresh stimulus from the cross-fertilization of ideas that emerge.

A sneak peek at the PROGRAMME

Larry POLANSKY (Composer, Professor of Music at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, U.S.A.)

• Experimentation throughout music history. Case study: Scarlatti (Stephen Emmerson, Queensland Conservatorium)
• Re-Imagining the body (Catherine Laws and other ORCiM members)
• Creativity in the Environment (Vanessa Tomlinson, Queensland Conservatorium)
• Replicating historical recording practices: material and idea (Jaso Sasaki, Sibelius Academy)
• Moving Hands: Expression as Transformative Act (E. Stubley, Mc Gill University)
• Interpreting Musical Motion: a case study using Romantic Piano Trios (Cecilia Oinas, Sibelius Academy, visiting researcher ORCiM)
• Citation and the transformation of Memory in Music (Sara Laimon, Mc Gill University)
Institutional research overviews by the Orpheus Institute and the 5 Pentacon partners: Guildhall School of Music, Mc Gill University, Royal Conservatoire of the Hague, Sibelius Academy, Queensland Conservatorium

• New Piece by Hans Roels (ORCiM) and Zwerm Quartet
• The Body without Organs Paulo de Assis, Michael Schwab (ORCiM)
• Inter-institutional collaborative performance. Juan Parra, coordinator (ORCiM)

Artistic Research and Peer Review
Discussion on Composition and Experimentation.

Practical Information

When? From Wednesday October 5, (12:30hrs.) through Saturday October 8, 2011 (13:30hrs.)

Where? Orpheus Institute, Korte Meer 12 9000 Ghent Belgium

Registration? Participants can register until September 19, 2011 through the registration form to be found online at http://www.orpheusinstituut.be/EN/research-centre-orcim
Please note that the number of participants is limited

Registration fee?
€ 60 (early bird fee of € 45 for registrations that reach us at the latest on July 10, 2011)
The fee includes morning and afternoon teas, a dinner and a Festival brochure.

Travel arrangements & Accommodation?
Participants should make their own arrangements. Useful websites: http://www.bedandbreakfast-gent.be & http://www.hotelscombined.com

How to get to the Orpheus institute?

An extended programme overview will become available in due time through http://www.orpheusinstituut.be
Want to be informed? Sign up for the Orpheus e-flash through info@orpheusinstituut.be

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