Authorship and ‘Authenticity’ in Composition, Editing and Performance

Authorship and ‘Authenticity’ in Composition, Editing and Performance

April 4-5, 2012

School of Music, University of Leeds

This conference coincides with the final phase of the AHRC-funded project of which the long title is ‘19th- and early 20th-century annotated editions of string music: bibliographical problems, editorial content and implications for performance practice’.
The project website is now known, for short, as CHASE (Collection of Historical Annotated String Editions). Our current website is in the process of major improvement – conference information will be held on old and new sites until the new site is formally launched.

Our conference will focus on a number of aspects arising from this research. These may include:
• The differing aims, practices and procedures of individual editors
• Composers’ technical annotations of their own string music
• Editorial annotations of a composer’s music by colleagues or associates (with or without the composer’s collaboration)
• The relationship between annotations in published editions and manuscript annotations
• The evaluation of editorial annotations as an aid to historically-informed performance
• With regard to annotated editions how does notation encode ‘intention’ or ‘expectation’?
• To what degree are annotated editions provisional texts?
• Practice-led investigation of particular works
The Eroica Quartet will, subject to confirmation, present a practice-led session/performance followed by discussion.
Papers related to these areas, or any other paper that addresses issues germane to the research, will be considered by the conference committee.
Proposals for individual papers or for panel presentations should be sent to George Kennaway by December 15, 2011.
Papers should normally be of 20 minutes duration, but those involving substantial practical demonstration may be allocated more time.
It is hoped that bursaries can be offered to postgraduate students who wish to attend.
Full details of registration fees and the conference programme will be announced in due course.