BFE National Graduate Student Conference 2012: Music and Movement


‘Music and Movement’
2012 National Graduate Student Conference, British Forum for Ethnomusicology

12-14 September 2012
Institute for Music Research (IMR), London WC1

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Bull, University of Sussex

People and music are always moving. Whether across the dance floor, across town, or across borders, neither rests. Sometimes this movement is intentional, other times it is not.
Musical movement may benefit some groups but be to the detriment of others. Music can mediate our experiences of movement and movement can mediate our experiences of music. Ultimately, the study of musical movement is the study of social relations.

This conference seeks to explore how the metaphor of movement can unite different theoretical paradigms and afford new possibilities in ethnomusicology.

Themes that might be addressed include, but are by no means limited to:

• Bodily/embodied musical movement.
• Technological and mediated musical movement.
• Instrumental movement.
• Music and geographic movement (travel, migration, pilgrimage).
• Music and social movement (i.e. within and between ethnic, racial, or socioeconomic groups).

Some other issues/questions that might usefully be explored are:

• Where does music exist when it is not heard?
• How is music transformed as it travels?
• What does music carry as it moves?
• Music and stasis.

Presentations should be limited to 20 minutes, allowing an additional 10 minutes for questions. Abstracts of 300 words or less should be submitted to name/email by January 31, 2012 to the BFE student representative, Tom Wagner, at