Performing sound and sentiment, self and society

Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies invites you to participate in this international research seminar as a PhD candidate or as a delegate.

Subject/Focus: Interdisciplinary Music Studies – The study of musical performance
Title: Performing sound and sentiment, self and society
Place: University of Bergen
Dates: November 28 –December 2, 2011

Our aim is to offer a research education course that can gather candidates in different music disciplines such as music performance, musicology, music therapy and music education.

Performance is one of several interdisciplinary topics that is shared among various music disciplines but approached quite differently. What is performance, why do we perform, and what do we perform when we perform? Is performance a specialized form of practice, or essential to our everyday life? In artistic research and musicology, performance and performances are central topics of study, while it perhaps is a more controversial area within research in music education and music therapy. Some
researchers talk of the performative turn in music studies, and this seminar will explore how varies approaches to the study of performance may support and challenge each other.

The research seminar invites candidates to present PhD work-in-progress. The University of Bergen, Faculty of Humanities, will grant the candidates 2 ECTS credits for participation, 3 credits for participation and presentation, and 5 credits for participation with presentation and approved paper. Senior researchers and supervisors are particularly welcome and may present papers if there is space in the program. The seminar is in English.

For all potential presenters: an abstract in English should be submitted by email to Deadline for abstract submission: November 1, 2011

For registration, send an email to
Closing date for registration: November 15, 2011

More information: Performing sound and sentiment, self and society