ORCiM International Seminar 2012 ” Composition Experiment Tradition”

[ORCiM] International Seminar 2012

22 -23 February, 2012 @Orpheus Institute, ORPHEUS RESEARCH CENTRE IN MUSIC, Ghent, Belgium

Deadline December 16, 2011
Download call for papers through www.orpheusinstituut.be

An experimental tradition. A compositional experiment. A traditional composition.
An experimental composition. A traditional experiment. A compositional tradition.


KEYNOTE LECTURERS: Chaya Czernowin (Israël) and Richard Barrett (U.K.)

This two-day international seminar aims at exploring the complex role of experimentation in the context of compositional practice and the artistic possibilities that its different approaches yield for practitioners and audiences. How these practices inform, or are informed by, historical, cultural, material and geographical contexts will be a recurring theme of this seminar.

The seminar is particularly directed at composers and music practitioners working in areas of research linked to artistic experimentation. Proposals related to any aspect of the seminar topic are welcome. We hope the collective experience will contribute to greater insights into how art unfolds, opening new possibilities for artistic creation and reception.


Dates & Deadlines
The seminar takes place at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent, Belgium from Wednesday 22 February 2012 (beginning at 14:00) to Thursday 23 February 2012 (ending at 16:00).

Deadline for proposals: December 16, 2011 Notification of acceptance will be made by January 20, 2012.
Please send us your proposal through info@orpheusinstituut.be Proposals should be sent as MS Word files, not as PDF’s.

note: Deadline for registering as participant: February 10, 2012.

Registration fee: €50 (full-time students: €25).
Note: If your proposal is accepted for presentation during the seminar, the registration fee is waived.

Travel Arrangements & Accommodation
Participants should arrange their own travel and accommodation.

Organising Committee
ORCiM Research Fellows William Brooks, Kathleen Coessens, Stefan Östersjö and Juan Parra.

For all practical information please contact the Orpheus Institute’s Activities & Communication Manager: joyce.desmet@orpheusinstituut.be