Ligeti’s Later Music Conference

Ligeti’s Later Music Conference:
Friday 30th March 2012 at Senate House, London University. 10am-6pm

Focusing on Ligeti’s later music. Speakers will include: Prof Richard Steinitz, Prof. Jane Clendinning, Prof. Peter Wiegold, Dr. Wolfgang Marx, Dr John Cucuirean, Dr. Stephen Taylor and Dr Mike Searby.
Ian Pace will be giving a lecture recital on Ligeti’s Piano Etudes, and Peter Wiegold will be running a analysis workshop for student composers.
The conference will end with a performance of Ligeti’s Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes.

Titles of Papers:

An Overview of Ligeti’s Sketches by Professor Richard Steinitz (Huddersfield University) Keynote Speaker

Hemiola, Maximal Evenness, and Metric Ambiguity in Late Ligeti by Stephen Taylor (University of Illinois, Urbana)

The Cosmopolitan Imagination in Ligeti’s Late Works by Amy Bauer (University of California, Irvine)

“How I wonder what you’re at!” The Nonsense Madrigals in the Context of Ligeti’s Late Style
by Wolfgang Marx (University College Dublin)

The future or the past?:Ligeti’s stylistic eclecticism in his Hamburg Concerto by Mike Searby (Kingston University)

Aspects of Harmonic Structure, Voice Leading, and Aesthetic Function in György Ligeti’s In zart fliessender Bewegung by John D. Cuciurean (University of Western Ontario)

After the Opera (and the End of the World), What Now? By Jane Piper Clendinning (Florida State University)

Conference fee £25 for non-students; £10 for full-time students or unwaged (including tea and coffee)

Conference Website with further information and booking form