Franz Schreker and His Time

International Conference
Franz Schreker and His Time
18-20 October 2012 at the University of Strasbourg (France
Conference organised by Mathieu Schneider (The GREAM Centre for Excellence in Research)

Call for papers

Franz Schreker (1878-1934) is a composer in whom musicology has until relatively recently shown little interest, although during the first part of his life he was an important conductor and composer in Austrian musical life. His career was dazzling, his operas were successful, and one of the main writers on music at this time, Paul Bekker, hailed him, after the premiere of his opera Die Gezeichneten, as the new Wagner. His works followed the mainstream culture of that time, that of late Romantic hyper-chromatic music. In the 1920s he followed with great interest the great strides forward being made in recording technology for the radio and cinema, and composed music for them. The financial crisis of the 20s and its impact on many opera and concert halls put a brake on his career, before his music became almost forgotten during and after the National Socialist regime. An academic conference, organized by Elmar Budde and Rudolf Stephan, was dedicated to Schreker’s works in Berlin in 1980; another one was held in Vienna in 1999, but concerned a broader field of research including Zemlinsky and other Viennese composers of this period. In France, his music is nowadays almost forgotten.
The conference “Franz Schreker and His time”, which is to be held in Strasbourg in October 2012 will be the first of this kind in France. It will deal both with Schreker as composer and with Schreker as conductor and programmer, in order to shed new light on the context of musical creation in Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century. This context implies aesthetic, political and societal topics and also cannot be understood without taking into account the relationships between Schreker and the composers of the generations that directly preceded and followed him.
In addition, the conference, which coincides with premiere of a new production of Der ferne Klang in the Opéra National du Rhin, conducted by Marko Letonja, will place a particular focus on Schreker’s operatic production.
The conference will therefore be divided into six sessions:
– Schreker’s operas,
– Schreker and Schönberg,
– Schreker as conductor and programmer,
– Schreker and the new mass-media (film, radio),
– Schreker’s musical language,
– Schreker and Jewish culture.

The languages of the conference are French, German, and English. The conference will be held over three days, with approximately 20 papers each lasting 25 minutes.
Proposals for papers should be sent, via e-mail, to
Mathieu Schneider – before 29th February 2012.

Proposals, in French, German, or English, should include a provisional/ working title, an abstract of 300 words maximum, and a short CV.
The proceedings will be published.

Academic Research Committee
Dr. Beat FÖLLMI (Université de Strasbourg)
Prof. Dr. Christopher HAILEY (Franz Schreker Foundation, Pennington, NJ)
Prof. Dr. Pierre MICHEL (Université de Strasbourg)
Dr. Mathieu SCHNEIDER (Université de Strasbourg), organizer