MedRen Conference 2012

Dear colleagues

As you all know, the next MedRen conference will take place in Nottingham on 8-11 July. The committee feels that themed sessions have been a particularly successful feature of recent MedRens, fostering deeper discussion and collaborative participation, and we are keen to include a larger number of themed sessions at next year’s conference. We would therefore like to invite those of you who are interested to submit suggestions for themed panels you would like the opportunity to convene.

At this stage there is no need to have already signed up a roster of participants, but proposers should be prepared to invite and co-ordinate three or six speakers if their theme is accepted. Suggestions, consisting of a title and a succinct (i.e. short!) rationale, should be sent by email to Esperanza Rodriguez-Garcia by 9th December.

The committee are particularly keen to encourage a session on Adrian Willaert (to mark the 550th anniversary of his death) and another on Juan de Anchieta (to mark the 650th anniversary of his birth), as well as sessions on Medieval topics. But any theme will gladly be considered. Two sessions on Rudolf II as a music patron have been already proposed.

A general call for papers will be issued shortly, but we will give people a chance to respond to this notice first.

Best wishes,

The organising committee (MedRen 2012):

Philip Weller, Tim Shephard and Esperanza Rodriguez-Garcia